Somebody To Love

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Title: Somebody To Love
Publisher: Mittie Paul
Editor(s): Mittie Paul
Type: Comics and art
Date(s): September 2019
Medium: Print
Size: 20 pages
Fandom: Good Omens
Language: English
External Links: Etsy, wayback archived version
Somebody To Love cover.jpg
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A sample image of fanart in the zine.

Somebody To Love is a Good Omens zine by Mittie Paul focusing on the Aziraphale/Crowley pairing. The zine came with bonus stickers.

As the creator describes it:

"20 pages of fanart and short comics

Double-layered transparent vellum cover. Each copy is hand assembled so may have slight variance in the cover alignment."[1]



[Amanda F.] "This little 'zine filled me with the fuzzy feels. I adore it!"[1]

[BudgieLove] "A lovely little zine - very well made. It's full of wonderful drawings, a few comics, and the artist included two free stickers!"[1]

[Phosfate] "What a wonderful little jewel of a zine! Designed and printed with care, including a nifty vellum-and-holographic paper double cover. Packed with enough care to survive the mercies of the USPS, and is probably not the thing that makes noises on my roof around 11:30. I think that's raccoons."