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Name: Solovei
Alias(es): mahou_baka_rini, champuru, soubakun, discoprince, starshipawesome, solosvejs
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Togainu no Chi, Star Trek, Haikyuu, Final Fantasy VII, Stand Still Stay Silent, Yuri on Ice
Communities: Organization for Transformative Works
URL: Ao3 profile
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Solovei is a fan writer and Organization for Transformative Works volunteer, who has been active with the Tag Wrangling Committee since April 2015. She became a Tag Wrangling staffer two years later, in April 2017.

She has had a number of aliases over the many years she's been involved with fandom, because she gets bored of usernames quickly.


Solovei first discovered "fandom" in 2001, when she attempted to write a self-insert fic for Digimon. This fic, in her own words, was "Not Good", and thankfully does not survive to see the light of day. Not long after that, a school friend introduced her to Gundam Wing and encouraged them both to take Quizilla tests to figure out which character they were most like.

Her first published work was in 2003, posted to, and was a script-style crackfic that retold the events of Pirates of the Caribbean with the cast of Yu-Gi-Oh. Co-written with a friend, it was updated over the course of a summer before being abandoned due to lost interest from both parties (and school). The fic was eventually removed from the site during the 2004 Script-Format Ban.

After that, Solovei turned her attention to more serious work, primarily writing stories for Final Fantasy VII. She was primarily active in anime fandoms during this time, and also was getting into Jrock. She participated heavily in online roleplaying communities on sites like LiveJournal and Gaia Online. Her last post on was in 2007, though she continued to occasionally publish fanfic to her various livejournal accounts after that.

Solovei created an AO3 account in late 2014, after joining the Stand Still Stay Silent fandom. As a brand new fandom getting off the ground, the authors were looking for a more permanent place to host their fic beyond google docs and comment pages. A fellow fan encouraged her to try out Ao3, and she never looked back since.

More recently, she's become active in Haikyuu and Star Trek.