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Title: Solitude
Author(s): Greensilver
Date(s): June 12, 2005
Length: ~6000 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
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Solitude is a Jack/Daniel story by Greensilver.

Author's Notes

"Finally, my back-up fic for ev_vy in the Jack/Daniel ficathon. She requested previously unseen aliens and "unprecedented use of food." I don't know how unprecedented what I came up with actually is, but rest assured I thought long and hard to come up with something suitably strange. *g*

Many thanks to tafkarfanfic for the beta, and my loving if baffled family for not asking too many questions when I decided I needed to do hands-on research for the food part.

SG-1's last mission in 2010!verse. Clocks in at around 6,000 words."

Reactions and Reviews

This AU takes place in the 2010 universe, the one that was later obliterated by SG-1's actions in that episode, and it's SG-1's last mission in that universe. I love this characterization of Jack, and the scenario that's laid out here. [1]


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