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Synonyms: SR, Re-Rolling
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Soft-Resetting or SR is a tactic used in many RPG style games that involves manually resetting the software in order to take advantage of RNG and other game mechanics.

Examples of Fandoms that Commonly Feature SR

Pokemon - The Pokémon franchise is probably the most prolific abuser of this tactic, where players can sometimes spend days (and even longer) Soft-Resetting for conditions such as nature, IVs and whether or not the Pokémon in question is shiny. Legendary Pokémon are subjected to this more than any other due to the player generally getting one chance to obtain them throughout the events of the game.

Final Fantasy - The Final Fantasy games, IX and X in particular, feature a lot of Soft-Resetting, especially where Speed Runs are involved (most notably for IX’s Excalibur II challenge). Soft-Resetting can enable players to minimise random encounters in order to save time, along with resetting encounter rates or Re-Rolling for weapon abilities and similar.

Dungeons and Dragons style games such as Neverwinter and Skyrim can make use of Soft-Resetting to Re-Roll attributes on acquired weapons and armour among other things. While manually Re-Rolling is possible in some of these games, Soft-Resetting can generally allow this effect without expending valuable items, and is often considered the superior alternative.