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Newsletter Community
Name: The Snape/Draco Prophet
Date(s): 13 August 2005 - 24 April 2006 (last updated)
Moderator: femmequixotic, kiana
Founder: femmequixotic
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: snaco_prophet on LiveJournal
Banner featuring art by mpuppet.

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The Snape/Draco Prophet (snaco_prophet) was a weekly livejournal newsletter community that focused on the Snape/Draco pairing. The newsletter was last updated in April 2006. From the profile:

This is a weekly (or bi-weekly if there are enough links) newsletter featuring art, fic, meta, RPGs, icons, recs, and everything across the fandom dealing with the relationship between our favourite Slytherins, Severus Snape and Draco Malfoy.
Obviously, work of a romantic nature will be primarily featured, but gen work and essays concerning these two characters will also be included if they center on the interaction between Snape and Draco. Threesomes will also be included, but Snape and Draco have to be a primary element/focus of the piece. Works that feature only Snape or Draco as a character may be included as well.