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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Smaragd's Snake Pit
Author: Smaragd
Dates: 01 July 1998[1] or before -
Fandom: Star Trek Voyager, Sentinel, Highlander, Blade
URL: (2001)
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Smaragd's Snake Pit was a personal slash fanfiction site.

First things first.

This is a slash site. No, it's not what you're probably thinking.

This kind of slash means fanfiction and boyz. Places and people you recognize from television and movies, except the male persons are usually naked, having fun doing naked things together... and agonizing over it just a bit. If that's not what you're here for, now is the time to find the back button and use it.

Still here? Impressions, feedback, opinions, typos, complaints, nitpiks, and any other commentary solicited. Please. Anything. Click here. Smaragd.

Now that we've cleared all that up, onto the slash! And I don't really see the point of a disclaimer, but here's one anyway. By clicking on any of the following links, you hereby state you are over the age of majority and appreciate the finer points of male/male erotica. There.
Description from Spirit's Heavens:
Smaragd's Fiction - C/P fanfic here [2]


A Place for Tom and Harry

A State of Mind (Paris/Kim) Tom and Harry go camping. The young ensign Figures It Out. Author's Notes

The 'Sidekick' Stories. Geez, Harry is loyal. These are totally unrelated vignettes. Author's Notes

   Aide-de-camp (Paris/Kim)
   A 500-word challenge story. Kinda fun.
   Aid and Comfort (Paris/Kim)
   Another 500-word story. Not so fun.
   Aide-memoire (Paris/Kim)
   A few more than 500 words, but not many. Our boyz have found their way home to the Alpha Quadrant, and have settled into happy, satisfying lives. But what if things had been different?

Home for the Holidays (Paris/Kim) Here's a bit of seasonal slush for those of us who are far from home. And for those who know that home isn't a place to go, but a place you make in your heart. Or in the oven with the cookies <g>. Author's Notes.

The Devil's Playground (Paris/Kim) - a drunk-on-slash collaboration with Derora, Merri-Todd, and Jana. One Author's Notes. Tom and Harry are bored.

Hunting Not a P/K... more a P+K. Remember the friendship thing? No funny business in this one, just a lot of people talking about it. Talking in great detail about it, mind you, but just talking. My first (and only, thank the stars) attempt at dialogues. Author's Notes.

A Place for Chakotay and Tom

The 'Belonging' Stories. Chakotay now owns Tom's life and uses the ways of his people to teach him some discipline. In the end, both of them learn more than they expect from this strange relationship. 'Course, the end isn't written yet .<g> Author's Notes.

   Belonging (Chakotay/Paris)
   An answer to the 500-word challenge.
   Turn (Chakotay/Paris)
   A sequel to 'Belonging'... from the other side of the narrative coin. Rated V for violence.
       ... yes, there is another sequel in the works, from Tom's POV. feel free to nag, it might help!

A Place for Jim and Blair

A Place for Highlander Xovers

The Looking Glass Stories A measly little VOY/HL crossover... and it's turned into sequel hell. More to come. Author's Notes.

   R&D (Duncan MacLeod/Richie Ryan)
   A prequel to Looking Glass. Duncan is being way too nice to Richie. And he can't imagine why...
   Looking Glass (Richie Ryan/Tom Paris) (and a little Duncan/Richie) (and a splash of Paris/Kim)
   This takes place in and around the Voyager episode: Non Sequitur. MacLeod senses a new immortal on a 24th century Maquis ship, but was unable to talk to him before they were separated. He asks Richie, his old student and former lover, to find the young man back on Earth and become his teacher. This is a first revision from the version on the StarTrek Slash Archive
   Looking Glass: Adventures in the Alpha Quadrant (Richie Ryan/Tom Paris)
   Tom has too learn the same lessons Richie did 400 years ago. And swordfighting is only one of them...

A Place for the Rest of the Guys

Abomination (Frost/Blade) Saw the movie, had to write the scene that should have been. Not for the faint of heart. Author's Notes.

Hunting (J/C/K) No funny business in this one, just a lot of people talking about it. Talking in great detail about it, mind you, but just talking. My first (and only, thank the stars) attempt at dialogues. Author's Notes.

The 'No Means No' Stories Absolutely no introduction for these, no excuses, no explanations. Just be prepared. And don't say I didn't warn you ... (Or see the Author's Notes for spoilers.)

   No Compromises (Paris/Torres - but it's not what you're thinking)
   B'Elanna is thinking an awful lot about Tom. But she can't do anything about it. She really can't. Until he forces the issue...
   No Comparison (Paris/Torres - but it's not what you're thinking)
   It's happily-ever-after, or should be, but it's never that easy.

Non Fiction

Slash Resources
Where the slash is:

One of the most important resources for slash writers is other slash writers. You can't find anything better (or I haven't) than Slash Fan Fiction on the Net. The updates are neither fast nor furious, but it's still amazingly complete.

As fantastic as it may seem, there was slash before the internet. Yes, on <gasp> paper. And perhaps even more surprisingly, slashzines are still being published in quantity and contain some high quality fiction delivered in some very satisfying packages. Check out for more info.

Join the Slash Writers list by sending an age statement to:

Here's the subscription page for the SlashKink Mailing List, for those who want to find that 'special' category of slash writer

SlashPoint A discussion group for all things slashy, a bibiography of slash topics, and a great links page

Nifty Erotic Story Archive, a huge resource of slash and OC erotic fiction, also including the Nifty Information Archive, an unindexed collection of people's posts on their own experiences of how-to and how-it-works

ASSGM, the archive, includes a great search engine

There was also a section for Resources on Sex that included a link to Minotaur's Sex Tips for Slash Writers, a section for Resources on Men and their Equipment, Resources on Writing and Slash (which linked So You Want to be a Slash Writer? - Mona's Handy-Dandy Guide), Resources on Copyrights and Pornography, Resources on gay culture and literature, Inspirational Resources and resources for historical, technical and h/c accuracy.


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