....Small Favors

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Title: ...Small Favors
Publisher: Solstice Press
Date(s): 1988
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Fandom: Stingray
Language: English
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cover by Laurie Keeper

...Small Favors is a gen 251-page Stingray anthology in the series, "Favors." The front cover is by Laurie Keeper.

The Favors Series


  • Dominoes by Teresa Sarick—Ray's clients talk about returning favors. (5)
  • If I Ever Get Out of Baseball by Elaine M. Batterby (9)
  • Who are You, Man? by Teresa Sarick (10)
  • Gut Feelings by Terri Librande—Ray and Sondra's viewpoints on the end of "Gemini". (11)
  • What Favor to Ask? by Cheryl Pederson (19)
  • Never Off Duty by Elaine M. Batterby (20)
  • Picture This by Laurie Keeper—A woman stands to lose everything unless Ray can prove her dead husband was not an arsonist. (21)
  • Lending a Hand by Erika Frensley—The tables are turned, and it's up to Ray to pay back a favor. He must help Adderly rescue Melville Greenspan's sister from the clutches of the evil Viktor Baranoff. Crossover with Adderly. (45)
  • Darkness, Darkness by Laurie Keeper—Ray has a beastly encounter below the streets of New York City as Catherine and Vincent help him free a kidnapped child. Crossover with Beauty and the Beast (61)
  • The Man in the Black Stingray by Cheryl Pederson (79)
  • In the Dark by Alyne Lawchilde (80)
  • Deadend by Heidi Staneslow—A vampire's human companion reluctantly assists Ray when he arrives on the trail of a bloody serial killer. (81)
  • Some Things are Best Left Unsaid by Terri Librande—Stranded, wounded, and on the run, Ray finally meets a stranger more mysterious than himself. Crossover with The Magician. (115)
  • Jenny Latimer's Favor by C.J. Pederson—When Ray's client is hunted by an assassin, Ray seeks shelter with a former client whose life was badly damaged by her last encounter with Ray. (141)
  • Was It Only Yesterday? by Anne E. Batterby (154)
  • Blowup by Laurie Keeper—The Man returns to forcibly enlist Ray's help in assassinating a Middle Eastern leader. Fighting for his own life, can Ray do anything but carry out his old enemy's sinister scheme? (157)
  • Keeping Promises by Elaine M. Batterby (182)
  • Double Entendre by Laurie Keeper—A sociopathic assassin wearing Ray's face uses Ray's former clients to get classified information, while Ray is in a hospital bed helpless to stop him. (183)
  • Ray-isms by Terri Librande (199)
  • Alternate Titles for Stingray Episodes by Terri Librande (200)
  • I Want Stingray by Teresa Sarick (201)
  • Black and Blue and Ray All Over by Terri Librande—A childhood friend of Ray's returns bearing a grudge...and a fondness for high explosives. (203)
  • Winter Always Comes Too Soon by J.L. Hardin—Ray awakens at the home of a young woman and her son with no memory of the traumatic injury that brought him into their care. What will happen when the men who thought they had killed him return to finish the job? (225)