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You may be looking for Tales from the Slipstream.
Title: Slipstream
Publisher: Neon Rainbow Press
Editor(s): Jody Norman & Cinda Gillilan
Date(s): 2002-2005
Medium: print
Fandom: Andromeda
Language: English
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Slipstream is a gen Andromeda anthology.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Slipstream 1 contains 163 pages. It was published in 2002.

Summary from the publisher:

  • Unrequited (by Anna McLain) Trance cares for Harper after he is infested by Magog eggs. (2)
  • Home Among the Living (by Lessa Warren) Being convicted of a crime you didn't commit is bad enough, but add poor company, mind altering devices, and an injury and you know you're having a bad day - Dylan is having a bad day. (21) Originally published in A Small Circle of Friends #7.
  • The Harvest Moon (by Brian) Dylan faces an ethical dilemma. (7)
  • Harper's Hope (by Joanna Weiss) Harper is determined to find a cure for his infestation, one way or another, but Dylan has to show him there are limits. (38)
  • Hand to Hand (by Appreciate) Tyr tried to cheer Beka up. (3)
  • Insurrection (by Anna McLain) Dylan and the crew of the Andromeda find themselves drawn into the complex politics of a planet where three species via for control. (81) (winner of a 2003 FanQ award)
  • Plus poetry by Lana G. Merkel, and a drabble by Anna McLain.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

The first story is "Unrequited". This is a bittersweet little Trance/Harper romantic story. It really shows how much Trance, the old Trance, cares for Harper. The next story is a cool novella. It's called "Hope Among the Living". Originally written for a zine using plots recycled from episodes of other shows, this story does an admirable job of adapting a Voyager episode to Andromeda. It's really good and has some wonderful character development. "Tyr" is a poem that perfectly encapsulates Tyr's conflicts and torments. Even without the title, I would have known who it was about. "The Harvest Moon" brings back President Ortiz and Charlemagne Bolivar. Excellent, exciting story. It's a good exploration of the ethics and moral conflicts that accompany leadership. "Symphony" is a powerful drabble that gave me shivers because it captures Trance's mystery and the tinge of threat surrounding her so well. "Harper's Hope" is one of my favorite stories in this zine. It's a novella that features Harper and really explores the meaning of hope and faith. It has cool aliens, lots of action and uses all of the characters well. It's funny, sad, horrifying and interesting all at once. Definitely worth reading. This is a story I'll remember. "Hand to Hand" is a well-done character piece about Beka and Tyr. It's really emotional and well written. "Insurrection" is the longest story in the zine and my other favorite. It's compelling and could be an episode. It has new aliens, new characters, starship crashes, politics, explosions, Dylan and Tyr naked in a bubble bath - no, it's not slash, Andromeda spying, fights, myths, slave girls, hints of Trance's past, raw emotions, humor, angst, subtlety and a bunch of other rockin' compelling stuff. This is one story I'll keep and reread. [1]

Zine: Slipstream #1 by Neon Rainbow Press

Description: 163 pgs, color cover with plastic protector sheet, comb-bound.

Review: This is a gen zine, meaning there are no slash or adult stories inside. I'll start with the cover. The front cover is a nice collage of cast images with a picture of the Andromeda coming out of slipstream designed by artist, S.C. It's well done and attractive. It also has purple Trance, for those who have a preference. The pictures of Beka, Tyr and Harper are some I've never seen before. That doesn't mean they aren't on the web somewhere, but, to me, they look like polished screen captures.

Inside the color cover is a cardstock protector sheet to keep the cover from getting bent. The zine itself is 8 1/2 by 11. (Some are more the size of Reader's Digest.)

There is no interior artwork, only stories. The editor's were kind enough to include in their editorial a thank you to all contributors. The text is an easy to read font, 11 or 12 pt, I estimate. Margins are about an inch on the sides and top, an inch and a half on the bottom.

There are 8 stories ranging from a drabble to novellas. I won't review my own 3 stories. I'll let someone else do that.

"Hope Among the Living" by Lessa Warren, 20 pgs, is a cool challenge answer. The challenge was to take the plot of a different show, in this case Voyager, and adapt it to Andromeda, which Lessa does extremely well. Funny thing was, I didn't read the author's note stating this before I read it. All the way through, I kept thinking, man, I know I've read this before! It's well done, interesting and a really good read. Lessa's choice of using Dylan and Tyr for the story really expands the relationship between the two characters and brings out some unexpected surprises from Tyr.

"Tyr" by Lana G. Merkel, 1 pg, is a poem that really encapsulates Tyr's character, his inner torment, his view of the universe. The language is vivid and precise. Even without the title, I would have known who it was about.

"The Harvest Moon" by Brian, 7 pgs, brings back Ortiz and Charlemagne Bolivar. It's a fantastic story about the ethics of war and consequences of one's actions. It's a great character study of Dylan and the difference between his values and the values of some of his allies. It is well written and very interesting.

"Harper's Hope" by Joanna Weiss, 47 pgs, is a superb novella featuring Harper. There are surprise characters, plot twists, action, drama, humor and a unique view on the value one's hopes. This is an excellent and involving story. All of the characters are well done and vivid.

"Hand to Hand" by Appreciate, 3pgs, is a great Beka and Tyr story. An episode tag for BAMSR, it's well written and really illustrates how Tyr is concerned for his crewmates. See Beka as you've never seen her! Powerful story.

The other three are stories I wrote: Unrequited, 2pgs. , Symphony, a drabble, and Insurrection, 79 pgs. Insurrection has elements that act as history in the Drom novel I'm currently writing, but you don't have to read it to follow the book.

Well, that's it. Altogether, I feel it's worth the $20 to buy it. I know I'll read the stories again. I think it looks great and looks professional. There are very few typos. I didn't notice any grammar errors. The stories were all fun and interesting. It was beta read by three people. I really enjoyed it! [2]

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Slipstream 2 was published in 2003 and contains 164 pages and contains 13 stories.

Summaries from the publisher:

  • Bloodlines (by Lessa Warren) When a re-supply run goes bad, Tyr ends up fighting for his life, and Dylan's the one feeling guilty. (18) (winner of a 2004 FanQ)
  • Freedom (by Anna McLain) Sometimes a man's just gotta do what a man's gotta do. (2)
  • Star-crossed (by Natasha Bennett) A crossover with Star Trek Voyager. Trace takes another spin into the slipstream and lands the Andromeda in the middle of nowhere, luckily and unfortunately, they aren't alone. (18)
  • A Day in the Life (by Joanna) A peek into Tyr's mind. (3)
  • Seeking Solace (by Joanne Weiss) When it appears that Beka is dead, Harper takes things into his own hands. (21)
  • Living (by Joanne) Sometimes just surviving is enough. (2)
  • On the Good Ship Maru (by Mary Rose) An exploration into the history of Captain Beka Valentine. (8)
  • Captain Anasazi (by Susan MacDonald) Tyr's dreams prove to be very insightful. (3)
  • Reverie (by Anna McLain) A peek into Rommie's thoughts. (2)
  • A Harper's Tale (by ElJay) When Dylan goes missing, and Harper rescues him, a chain of events is set into motion that Harper might not survive. (37)
  • Drabbles (by Anna McLain) A series of shorts. (3)
  • Just One of those Light Years (by ElJay) Harper's luck hasn't improved and now he's got more trouble to deal with. (54)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

Well, since I have no life, I've finished reading so I might as well start. I'll try not to post spoilers so that if you haven't read 'em I won't give away too much. In fact, I stink at reviews ... I don't like trying to be a "critical" reader, I'd much rather just immerse myself in the story and enjoy it ... something that wasn't very hard to do with these fics! All in all, I found Slipstream #2 to be quite enjoyable and it looks great. The cover art and the interior pics really add to the look of it and make it something special. To me, there is something very satisfying about being able to kick back in a comfy chair with the printed word in my hands, being able to thumb back or ahead and re-read favorite passages. The computer and the 'net are wonderful things, but they aren't quite that intimate, at least to me. I love seeing wonderful stories in print--somehow, it makes them more 'real' to me, and lends them a permanence that is not dependent upon someone else's decisions. Once you have a book, it is yours. Websites, alas, can come and go.

Well, I've rambled enough. On to the stories.

"Bloodlines," by Lessa Warren is first up; this one pulled me right in, so much so that I resented having to stop halfway and go to bed. It's a very well-written story with a compelling plot and nice character interaction.

"Freedom," by Anna McLain: Pure and perfect essence of Harper. You'd think he would find out about things like this ahead of time biggrin.gif And teddy bears? *snork*

"Star-crossed," by Natasha Bennett. eek2.gif Somebody take Trance's keys, please? Bad things happen when she drives.

"A Day in the Life," by Joanne was a neat little peek into a certain Mercenary's private thoughts. I enjoyed it very much and would love to see more.

"Seeking Solace," by Joanne Weiss. I read this one before, on the old slipstream, but I don't mind seeing it again at all. Poor Harper! *sniff!* Jo, you're so mean to him. wink2.gif This was another one that sucked me right back in and made me yearn for the next update back then. Now, I read eagerly, sympathizing with our favorite engineer as he went through hell again ... and again .... and....

"Living" is another one by Joanne. Short but sweet, a nice little capper for "Belly of the Beast."

"On the Good Ship Maru," by Mary Rose Riccitelli. This was another re-read, polished up a bit from the original slipstream version, if I recall correctly, and as welcome as a visit from a friend. It brought back pleasant memories of why I was drawn to Andromeda in the first place and was a great reminder of the original crew dynamic ... you know, back when Dylan was a real human being, rather than a two-dimensional action figure?

"Captain Anasazi," by Susan MacDonald. All I can say is, "In your dreams Tyr!" Of course, one can't be held responsible for one's dreams, right?

"Reverie," by Anna McLain; another that's short, yet filled with dark foreshadowing but also with promise and hope.

The four drabbles by Anna McLain are wonderful little treats, varying in tone and mood from silliness--"Booby Prize;" to sublime--"The Singing Stars." Drabbles continue to amaze me; I can't seem to manage brevity for any price!

Well, that's my two cent's worth on Slipstream #2 from Neon RainBow Press, aside from those other two stories. All in all, it was very satisfying and I'm anxious to see #3--that should be here soon, too. [3]

Issue 3

Slipstream 3 was published in 2003 and contains 168 pages.

Summaries from the publisher:

  • Remember Me (by Natasha Bennett) An encounter on earth 14 years earlier comes back to haunt Harper, but if he does remember it, he might just end up dead. (29)
  • And Miles to Go Before I Sleep (by ElJay) Harper's troubles are overshadowed by Tyr's when he's injured, trying to save his son. (121)
  • Revenant (by Anna McLain) Tyr decides it's time for him to make his move and leave the Andromeda and her crew behind. (23)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3


Okay, I finally got my trib copy! So, while I haven't read this yet --hey, it's 166 pages @ about 500 words each! - I'm starting this thread with my general impressions.

If you've never heard of a fanzine, it's a print book made by fans for fans and sold for the cost of making it. This zine, Slipstream #3, is available from

Neon Rainbow Press On the left hand tool bar, click on Andromeda to see all of the wonderful zines.

First, I think the color cover turned out really good. It's the Andromeda (ship) in front of an eclipsed planet with the sun just starting to poke out. It's subtle but nice. The zine is comb bound, meaning you can open it up and lay it flat or turn the pages all the way back and not rip the book's spine. It's 8X11. There are three stories -- two are novellas, plus there are some full page b&w pictures. And, if you're one of those people who wants to tear out pics and hang them on the wall, all of these are blank on the back so you won't rip out a page of story to hang the pic up.

Now, I haven't read the other two novellas yet, and I don't want to review my own story, but I'll tell you a little about it.

The Revenant has Tyr showing his true motives, Beka angst, strange aliens, frost freezing someone's hair to the ground, and a twist I was rather proud of.

The other two stories are: Remember Me, by Natasha Bennett. And, And Miles to go Before I Sleep, by Eljay. Both are excellent writers who could easily write for pay.

I'll do a more in-depth review of their stories after I read them. I do know that Eljay's story is the end -but still standalone- story in a wonderful Harper trilogy.

If you've never heard of a fanzine, it's a print book made by fans for fans and sold for the cost of making it. This zine, Slipstream #3, is available from

Neon Rainbow Press On the left hand tool bar, click on Andromeda to see all of the wonderful zines.


Anna [4]

[biggrin.gif] After an agonizing delay, I got Slipstream #3 yesterday! That means the other 'trib copies should be in your hot little hands very soon (it's good to live close to Atlanta, sometimes.)

Although it's 166 pages, this one doesn't have as many stories, because a certain someone is rather long-winded and takes up most of the book [blush.gif] but I must admit it is very cool to see my stories in print. [wink2.gif]

The cover is awesome--probably one of my favorite images (one I would gladly have as a poster)--and there is a wonderful pic of GMW inside, too.

Aside from mine, there are two great stories in this one: Remember Me, by Natasha Bennett and Revenant, by Anna McLain. What can I say about those two? Both stories bring back strongly the reasons I started watching the show in the first place. Anna writes Tyr at his Machiavellian best, beset by his conflicting goals of power, love, lust, and friendship. I suspect there are times when *he* doesn't know which way he's going to jump! Natasha captures Harper's fierce determination to survive and Trance's mysteriousness quite well, mixed liberally with Beka's protective streak and Tyr's scheming. You two are the reason I am sleep deprived this morning! [tongue.gif] That's right, it's your fault. [biggrin.gif]

Well done, both of you. [5]

Issue 4

cover of issue #4

Slipstream 4 contains 167 pages. It was published in 2004. The front cover and internal art is by Anna McLain.

  • Rhapsody of Angels (by Anna McLain) Rommie and Dylan get in over their heads. (13)
  • Knight of the Andromeda (by Mary Rose Riccitelli) A crossover with Forever Knight. Beka encounters her double from Earth's long past. (19)
  • Dinner and a Show (by Joanna Weiss) Beka and Harper share a evening out. (3)
  • Eden Lost (by Mary Rose Riccitelli) A fever is killing Beka. (27)
  • At Least She Knew I Loved Her (by Natta) Death story. Beka is dying, but at least Dylan gets to say goodbye. (3)
  • Tyr's Thoughts on Beka's Wedding Day (by Mary Rose Riccitelli) The title says it all! (2)
  • What We've Known All Along (by Joanne Albertsen) Beka contemplates life without Tyr. (6)
  • Journeys (by Anna McLain) Rommie is on a Journey. (1)
  • Bad Things (by Mary Rose Riccitelli) When a trip to a planet leaves Beka and crew on the middle of a civil war, things get too ugly for the captain of the Maru. (31)
  • Harper's Dream (by Mary Rose Riccitelli) Harper has a dream. (2)
  • On the Bad Ship Andromeda (by Joanne Bennett ) A twist of fate and time sets the crew on a very different path than the one we saw. (37)

Issue 5

Slipstream 5 was published in 2005 and contains 168 pages. Some of the stories are off the net.

cover of issue #5
According to a fan:
...[the editors] practically had to beg to get submissions at all... they basically only got subs that had been online already. It's hard to break even on the huge expense of making the zine if most of the submissions have been online. I'm not sure if they got any unposted stories submitted other than mine. Each issue, it's been harder and harder for them to get material to fill the zine. Which is weird since Drom authors and zines have won FanQ awards the last two years or so. Cinda and Jody (the editors) finally gave up. If they wanted to do just a Dylan/Tyr buddy zine of unposted stories it could take years to fill. SS#5 took a long time. [6]
  • Don't Say MacBeth (by Joanna Weiss) Harper thinks he's been abandoned and that's not good news. A glimpse back into Harper's past. (24)
  • Beka, Harper and the King of Rock and Roll (by Mary Rose Riccitelli) Beka and Harper share a moment. (2)
  • Aidan's Dance (by Ephiny) Dylan meets an unusual woman. (8)
  • Filaments of Hope (by Anna McLain) A drabble. (1)
  • Swept Aside (by Joanna Weiss) Finding Harper in a mental institution isn't as bad as hearing the truth that put him there. (28)
  • Beka's Anniversary (by Mary Rose Riccitelli) A drabble. (2)
  • The Things He Didn't Say (by Anna McLain) A drabble. (1)
  • You'll Never Know (by Joanne Albertsen ) An AU. See how the crew of the Maru comes together, and then finds Tyr. (88)


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