Slave (Blake's 7 zine)

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If you are looking for the fanfic slavery genre/kink see slavefic.

Title: Slave
Publisher: out of London
Editor(s): Alex Delicado
Date(s): 1982-1985
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Blake's 7
Language: English
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Slave is a gen Blake's 7 anthology.

Issue 1

Slave 1 was published in January 1982 and contains 34 pages.

cover of issue #1, photo: S2 crew (Redemption)
last page of the zine
  • Alex Delicado, Editorial (non-fiction)
  • Debra Board, "The Last Survivor" (fiction) (1)
  • Chris Clark, "Reflections of a Reluctant Federation Trooper" (poem) (2)
  • Alex Delicado, "Cally, the Fighting Years" (character bio) (3)
  • "Slavemarket" (ads) (4)
  • Interview with Jan Chappell, 16/01/81, St John's Wood, London (5)
  • Septen Vayce, "Afterlife" (fiction) (7)
  • "Slave word" (word search puzzle) (8)
  • Margaret Martin, "The Zylanorr, part 1" (fiction) (9)

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Slave 2 was published in 1982 and has 30 pages.

  • Debra Board, "The End... or the Beginning" (fiction)
  • Margaret Martin, "The Zylanorr, part 2" (fiction)
  • An Onymous, "The Tarrant Poem" (poem)
  • Alex Delicado, Editorial
  • "Prognosis Scan" (LoCs)
  • Interview with Peter Tuddenham, 28/09/81, BBC Rehearsal Rooms, Acton, London
  • "Slavemarket" (ads)
  • "Slave Word 2" (puzzle)
  • Solutions to Slave Word 1 and 2
  • photo front cover Peter Tuddenham and full wine glass

Issue 3

Slave 3 was published in 1982 and contains 82 pages.

  • Lesley-Ann Kerr, "Merchandise" (fiction)
  • Claire Jordan, "Conversation Piece" (fiction)
  • Uncredited, "Dear Idiot" (poem)
  • Alex Delicado, Editorial
  • "Slavemarket" (ads)
  • Dave Walsh front cover, A, Ta, Slave: "Not Again!"
  • photos back cover (credited to Andrew Smith)

Issue 4

Slave 4 was published in August 1982 and contains 55 pages. It contains the novella "The Quylaar Incident" by Margaret Martin, which was reprinted in two parts in Rebel #2 and #3.

  • Alex Delicado, Editorial
  • Pam Denman, Editorial
  • photos front cover

Issue 5

cover of issue #5, Maria Richmond

Slave 5 was published in December 1982 and is 28 pages long.

  • Judith Seaman, "Program" (S5, episode 1; reprinted in Program, Part 1) (fiction)
  • Susan J. King, "And for My Next Trick" (fiction)
  • Sue Little, "Showdown" (fiction)
  • Wendy Ingle, "Casualty of War" (fiction)
  • Sue Little, "Blake, Another Viewpoint" (fiction):
  • Alex Delicado, "Editorial"
  • "Prognosis Scan" (letters)
  • "Slave Word" (word search puzzle)
  • "XIR: Xenon Intergalactic Radio" (humor)
  • "Slavemarket" (ads)
  • art by Maria Richmond (front cover), Debra Board, Dave Bowden (back cover, cartoon)

Issue 6

Slave 6

cover of issue #6
  • Debra Board, "If Only" (fiction)
  • Judith Seaman, "Sanctuary" (reprinted in Program, Part 1) (fiction)
  • Alex Delicado, "Confessions" (fiction)
  • "Prognosis Scan" (LoCs)
  • "Slavemarket" (ads)
  • Alex Delicado, "Editorial"
  • art by Tim Pieraccini (front and back cover), Debra Board, Dave Bowden

Issue 7

Slave 7 was published in November 1983 and contains 34 pages.

cover of issue #7
  • Lesley-Anne Kerr, "The Arms Dealer" (fiction)
  • Andrew Smith, "Amnesia" (fiction)
  • Tony Kehoe, "Traitor" (fiction)
  • Julie Freestone, "Warlord's Revenge" (fiction)
  • Alex Delicado, "New Beginnings" (fiction)
  • Susan King, "Goddess of Death" (poem)
  • Alex Delicado, "Editorial"
  • "Prognosis Scan" (LoCs)
  • "Slavemarket" (ads)
  • Alex Delicado, "Slaveword" (puzzle)
  • art by Tim Pieraccini (inside front and back cover), Judy Baum, Sheila Paulson, Dave Bowden

Issue 8

Slave 8 was published in February 1985 and contains 60 pages. Its main content is a novel called, "The Vantalla Affair, which was later printed as a standalone."

cover of issue #8
  • Margaret Martin, "The Vantalla Affair" (fiction)
  • Debra Board, "The Hurting" (fiction)
  • art by Judy Baum, Tim Pieraccini