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Synonyms: slashy, hoyay
See also: Subtext, Fanservice
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"Catnip" makes cats want to come up to it, rub all over it, and roll in it in a state of euphoria and mild arousal.

Slashnip does the same thing for slashers.

The term is usually used to refer to a show or other fandom with a high potential for slash, or to an obvious pairing in that fandom. This generally means fandoms with an intense and complicated canonical relationship between two conventionally attractive male leads, often with high levels of (intentional or otherwise) homoerotic subtext and queer coding. It is also sometimes, though less often, used in reference to femmeslash pairings or ensembles with many strong pairing possibilities.

Slashnip is most often used to describe new fandoms that don't have a long-standing slash following yet, but are obviously going to very soon. It is also sometimes used by people trying to promote an unfamiliar fandom to other slashers, or to explain why something has a large fan following.

Examples: "You should watch the new Hawaii Five-O, it's total slashnip!" "Eames/Arthur seems to be everyone's slashnip at the moment." "Sentinel may not have been objectively very good, but it was such slashnip that of course fandom loved it."