Slashcast Insider Interview with Tripperfunster

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Title: Slashcast Insider Interview with Tripperfunster
Interviewer: djin7
Interviewee: Tripperfunster
Date(s): August 3, 2013
Medium: online
External Links: online here as a transcript; WebCite
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Slashcast Insider Interview with Tripperfunster is a podcast posted to Slashcast as "Episode 41." Slashcast includes an transcript.

The interviewer is DJ (djin7), the interviewee is Tripperfunster.

Some Topics Discussed

  • fan art
  • creating slash fic and art for characters in childrens' shows

The Interview Series

See Slashcast Insider Interview Series.


Um, so I seriously just about had a heart attack I was so excited that I found [a Snape/Sirius slash story by isiscolo] and figured that it was like one teeny gem in massive ocean of what might be out there. Little did I know that it was, you know, ripe for the picking. So much slash. Erm... but I really didn’t think I would find much homoerotic writing out there though, let alone good. I mean I wasn’t even- good wasn’t even an issue, give me all the crappy stuff as long as it exists... But it was my luck that there’s just a, you know, a shit ton of fantastic slashy art and fic out there. So then after getting into shipping, and getting into the whole slash genre, you just can’t help but when you’re watching television, you know the kids are watching, say The Wiggles [DJ starts giggling] and for those of you – which sounds slashy all by itself – um, for those of you without children, you know, children don’t watch a television programme once, they watch it 75 million times and just through sheer exposure, after your brain melts and you lose your will to live a very small part of your brain tries to make sense out of what you’re seeing for the billionth time and, you know, it’s for the gay. You know, let’s make everyone gay, and all of a sudden the show is a lot more interesting. So, er, you know I didn’t actively slash The Wiggles but I mentally slashed The Wiggles because that’s the only way to listen and watch The Wiggles for any amount of time. Thank god my kids didn’t like Barney!
But anyway I guess my whole point being just being exposed to all these shows ad nauseum you can’t help but slash them. And some of them really slash themselves. And I know we’re specifically talking about cartoons today, and kids shows, um, one show that I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of is Phineas and Ferb, which is a Disney cartoon. Which is really clever, and wickedly funny, for people who have to sit through kids programmes that’s a really good one, and the writers totally slash the two – it’s about children and then they have a pet who is a platypus who is also a secret agent, unbeknownst to the, who battles an evil scientist. But two of the kids are constantly slashed by the writers, there’s a bully and his, whatever, wimpy kid he picks on, smart little wimpy kid. And they are constantly- one of them carries the other around in – what are those? – like a baby backpack, or puts him in his shirt, or does all sorts of terribly slashy things, and the platypus and the evil scientist are constantly slashed. It wasn’t that my mind made this up, it’s that they kept serving it to me on a silver platter-
Bestiality is completely is, it’s the best-iality. [DJ laughs]. And er, but yeah, again there’s probably… gone, gone in a whole flurry of porn. In fact, I happened to happen upon one of the artists and writers for Fineas and Ferb on one of the art sites, and sent him a piece of art. I have Perry the Platypus and the evil scientist wearing housecoats in bed, and just reading the morning paper kind of thing. And the scientist, Doofensmirtz is his name, says, er, he’s doing the crossword and he says to the platypus, ‘I need a ten letter word for what we just did.’ And I sent that piece of art to the artist that works on Fineas and Ferb, you know, part of me thinking that – ‘cause I don’t generally cross the line of... Yeah, I don’t generally break the fourth wall because won’t appreciate what I do at all. [both chuckle] In fact cease and desist orders would be sent to me, and er – although I do it in love – er, he, the writer, or writer-slash-artist, that works for Phineas and Ferb enjoyed it and said that it was seriously nothing compared to what they draw at the studio. [DJ laughs] Which filled me with all sorts of glee I can’t even tell you. And I sent them a pretty tame piece, you know I have full on bondage porn of the two of them, this was just a bit of a cute, somewhat worksafe thing. You know, as worksafe as bestiality can be.
Um, you know just do it. Just do what you like. I started my entire art career in fandom, I didn’t, other than, like, in high school like everybody I drew a little bit, but I didn’t draw for twenty years before finding fandom and I was inspired by a lot of the artists that I saw – this was all in the Harry Potter fandom at the time – and thought, hell I wanna do that, and picked up a pencil and absolutely fucking sucked. And kept drawing anyway, and, you know I wouldn’t say I’m great but I’m a hundred miles from where I began and I’m happy with a lot of the stuff I put out. It’s, I’m not as good as I wanna be, but I get better all the time. I mean I’m at the point now where I can generally successfully express what I’m trying to say, I guess...Which, you know, is a nice place to be. For sure. I can get my point across, you know, I can get the joke in there, or the feeling or the emotion that I want to emote generally will come across and that’s just from, you know drawing, drawing, drawing, drawing, drawing. But it’s, it really is such a gift, like fandom, to be able to put stuff out there and have other people enjoy it the same way I enjoy it. And I enjoy it way more; I mean I would probably draw it for myself anyway, but the fact that I can draw something and go ‘Oh, fuck, you know that’s funny’, you know I really liked the joke in that and then I can put it out on the old internet, the intertube and have other people enjoy it as well, and find it funny, and laugh along with me is just, you know, the experience times ten.