Slashcast: Pimp My Fandom: Mpreg

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Slashcast: Pimp My Fandom: Mpreg
Interviewer: Kriken
Interviewee: wook77
Date(s): May 27, 2012
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Mpreg
External Links: online here; WebCite
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Slashcast: Pimp My Fandom: Mpreg is a 2012 interview at Slashcast with wook77.

The topic is mpreg.


I've read some of the best fic out there and it happened to be mpreg and I have read some of the worst fic ever and it happened to be mpreg.
Um, I have to say that I started reading mpreg to point and mock at it, um, which isn't the greatest introduction into a genre. And then I stumbled across a fic by Coffeejunkii and it's called Precipice. And it showed me that mpreg could be serious. And suddenly, because of this fic, I couldn't get enough of mpreg. This fic is so well done... Even years later- I mean, just before we started talking, I started rereading it and I was immediately drawn into the story.

So, Precipice is a Harry/Draco fic and, uh, it's basically... It's obviously not canon compliant 'cause it was written long before most of the last books were out. Um, but it basically features, uh, a pregnant Draco and all the ramifications to that pregnancy... and it's just really well done. Um, I definitely highly recommend it. This fic actually showed me that mpreg could be serious and suddenly I couldn't get enough of mpreg. So I blame Coffeejunkii a lot for my addiction to mpreg... Um, I have read either mpreg or allusions to mpreg in a lot of different fandoms. For example, there is a fic in, uh, Hawaii Five O that features Danno being a Merman, um, with a birthing pouch and as of the end of the fic he had not been pregnant, but it was something that he was thinking about because they were fated mates and yadda, yadda. It's great- I mean, I'm making it sound kinda crackalicious, and it is, but it's really good.

Um, I read a Star Trek... I, uh, read a lot of mpreg in Star Trek and one of my favorite fics also features, uh, gender-bending in addition to the mpreg and so that was a very fascinating as well. I've also it in things like X-Men, both in X-Men: First Class- Uh, there was an mpreg fic where, uh, Charles turns into a werewolf, so there's all these werewolf things going on and when Charles turns into a werewolf, he actually turns into a female wolf. Um, but he's still a dude and he's pregnant.
I think it's very easy to point and mock at mpreg, and I have done it and I will admit there are certain fics that I still do it, um, but for the most part a lot of mpreg can be done very seriously and can be fascinating to read and, um, very enjoyable. But there's so much bad of it that most people like to hold up the bad. And it's like, but you know what? There's really bad other fic out there too, in all sorts of genre, and we don't say, "Oh, well all character death fics are horrible because this one person wrote a laughable death scene." So I think mpreg gets a lot of knock s that it doesn't deserve.
...I was talking about a specific fic that is no longer on the internet. The author has pulled all of her stories off of the internet. It is one of the worst stories I have ever read in my life - it is painfully bad. Um, but at the same time it is one of my favorite stories because you think, "She can't make this any worse..." and then she does. And so it's this fascinating look into... into crack. I mean, this story is... I mean crazy. The premise of it is crazy. Both of the stories, actually, that this author has written have crazy premises. And then she just keeps making it better and better and better, it just keeps going crazier and crazier and crazier. And then all of a sudden it just- it just explodes into this amazing thing of crack! And then it's also crack because I can't stop reading it. I actually, when I found out she pulled these fics from the internet, I actually teared up. I was like, "But why is she denying me my stories?" And I have never had that reaction to anybody else pulling their stories off the internet. So I love these stories a lot in spite of their- their faults - and trust me, there are plenty- plenty of it. So, um...