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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Hot Stuff
Author: Vermilion Flame
Dates: 19 May 2000 - 2002
Fandom: Star Wars TPM, Gundam Wing
URL: (main page, Wayback) (TPM, Wayback) (GW page, defunct)
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Hot Stuff was a personal slash site with Star Wars TPM and Gundam Wing fanfiction. It was hosted by SlashCity.

The site was linked at Mac & Anna's Place in the category "Individual Author Fiction and Fannish Personal Sites" and it was marked as a slash site.[1]


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The World of Tiercel This AU now has its own page, where you will find the original story plus its sequel Migratory Passage and beautiful artwork done by RavenD and Ki Chng.

Exhaustion vs. Thin Sleep Pants This smutty little vignette grew out of a discussion on the Master/Apprentice list regarding why the boyz always seem to be wearing a certain type of sleepwear in fanfiction.

The Anatomy Series Small tales of the Jedi, each centered around a particular body part. They can be read in any order. * indicates a rating of R or NC-17.

Penis and Penis 2: Deja vu All Over Again

Boots Stories... Tales of life, love, and leather footwear.

Boots 2: What Happened Next
Boots Remembered - Another story in the "Boots" series, this piece is Boots 2: What Happened Next told from Obi-Wan's point of view. It is actually a remembrance of the incident, with the lovely Bail Organa as Obi-Wan's enrapt audience.

... and More Leather Naked and Willing Padawan + Whip + Frustrated Master = ? I wrote this as a self-challenge to do something different than my usual. Warning: BDSM

Kiss of Leather

Obsessions The boyz share thoughts on their obsessions, which may just be yours, too!

Secret Obsession
His Master's Voice

It's Pon Farr, Jar-Jar! En route to Coruscant from Tattoine, Jar-Jar suddenly feels an overwhelming need to return to Naboo. Can the great Jedi Master, so attuned to the Living Force, remain unaffected? Obi-Wan hopes not. "IMPORTANT NOTE: Let me reassure you, there is NO actual Gungan sex in this story."

The Honesty Stories Obi-Wan knows he is approaching the time for his trials, but his master can only find fault with everything he does. When Obi-Wan finally confronts him over the issue, Qui-Gon admits his true feelings. A first-time story, in two parts.

Demanding Honesty
Honesty Within

Enough for You Just what happened after Qui-Gon scolded Obi-Wan, telling him to "get on board" the Nubian ship? In this version, tempers flare, and strong words are spoken....

Flavor of Love Just a little smarm, exploring the possible relationship between General Kenobi and the Viceroy Organa. Post TPM, of course.


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