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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Slash Girls
Author: Kirby Crow
Fandom: Star Wars TPM, The X-Files
URL: (Wayback link)
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Slash Girls was Kirby Crow's slash fanfiction site. The site was hosted by Tripod. It was a member of the Slash Fan Fiction Ring.

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2 novel-length stories by analise and Kirby Crow

"Silent Faction" SW:TPM / Q/O / NC17 / AU by analise and Kirby Crow 4 years after they part, Qui Gon is sent to investigate Knight Kenobi, only to find that Obi-Wan has a new life, a new home, and a new love...

"The Jedi Temple Murders" Star Wars:TPM. Q/O. NC-17. murder. non-con by analise and Kirby Crow Someone is killing Padawans in the Temple. Is Obi-Wan the victim or the perpetrator?

SW:TPM - series by Kirby Crow

"Stepping To Jonah" Star Wars: TPM/NC-17/Q/O Part One of the Summer Blue series. 4 sequences of first-time advances to intimacy. Qui-Gon tries to deny his attraction.

"The Bitter Glass" Star Wars: TPM / NC17 / Q/O Part 2 of Summer Blue. Qui-Gon takes Obi-Wan into a clarivoyant journey into the future, but can Obi-Wan live with the knowledge that Qui-Gon will soon die?

"Tree of Pain" (Part 1 now up) SW:TPM / Q/O / NC17 Last part of the Summer Blue series (warning, writing in progress) Obi-Wan knows that there is some part of Qui-Gon alive within the Eye, but will Mace help him? "Lion At The Gate" SW:TPM / Q/O / NC17 / AU Knight Kenobi is held prisoner by a strangely compelling kidnapper, but what does his captor want from him? (written with Lilith Sedai) Heavy BDSM theme and consent issues. This story was illustrated by the wonderful RIHO in Japan! Look! "WOLF AT THE DOOR" SW:TPM / Q/O / NC17 / AU Ending of "Lion At The Gate". Obi-Wan must come to terms with his brush with the Dark Side. (written by Kirby Crow) "BAD SEED" SW:TPM / Q/O / NC-17 / AU/rape Obi-Wan deals very badly with being replaced by Anakin. Please pay attention to the warnings before you read this! Disturbing content.


"Epiphany" X-Files. M/K rated NC-17 Krycek and Mulder deal with events after the kiss in "The Red And The Black".

"Until It Sleeps" Rated R. M/K PWP songfic Krycek leaves D.C. in a stolen car and muses on Mulder, Mustangs, and Metallica. Fluff, but sexy fluff.

"If I Ever Snowed" X-Files. rated PG. MSR (het, not slash!) Mulder contemplates the source of Scully's attraction to him.

"Whatever Gets You Through The Night" M/K rated NC17 Krycek has a really bad day. Bad uglies and non-cons. Basically just an excuse to torture rat-boy. Beware.

Lighter SW:TPM Stories

"QUI-DONG" Parody/ Star Wars: TPM/R Silliness abounds as Qui and Obi read what we do to them.

"DOWN TIME" SW:TPM / Q/O / NC17 / AU Pure, unapologetic shower smut... with shaving. All hail smut!

"A RAINY NIGHT IN JO'JHA" SW:TPM / Q/O / NC17 / AU Where did Obi-Wan acquire that devilish sense of humor? From his Master, of course. Q and O in a tent. "First And Last" Star Wars: TPM (collaboration) PG/ Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon The IRC #TPM take on what really happened on the screen after the Darth Maul battle.

"The Fanfic Slashers Field Guide to Star Wars: The Phantom Menace" A must-read for all TPM fanfic writers. (and damn funny too!)

musings- rants- articles- pics- under construction!

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