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You might be looking for Silver on the Tree, part of The Dark is Rising series

Name: Silver Tree: Portrait of an Elf Lord
Owner/Maintainer: Marnie
Dates: 2003?-present (as of 2012)
Fandom: Tolkien
URL: Silver Tree: Portrait of an Elf Lord
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Silver Tree: Portrait of an Elf Lord is a Tolkien fiction and non-fiction website by Marnie about Celeborn.

From the front page: "Well, I think it's about time that the much misprized Celeborn of Lorien had a page to himself. To that end I've drawn together links to all the good Celeborn stories I could find. After this, I defy anyone to think of him again as just 'Mr.Galadriel'. These are in chronological order, so they may be read as a biography, of sorts :)"

The site contains Marnie's own fanfiction and art about Celeborn, and a long list of her recommendations for Celeborn-centric stories and essays.