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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Shadow Dancing
Author(s): Mary Ellen Fisher
Date(s): 1999
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Shadow Dancing is a Kirk/Spock story by Mary Ellen Fisher. Art by GOS.

It was published in the print zine First Time #50.


"Kirk writes a note to Spock while he is on shoreleave, a note he fears he will probably never have the courage to send."

Reactions and Reviews

A one page letter that Kirk writes to his first officer while Jim is on shore leave, alone, and Spock is back on the ship. Kirk has been restless, you might even infer a little bored, and everywhere he’s turned that day he has been thinking of his Vulcan friend.... So he writes him a letter at 3 a.m., and fills it with his longing. After witnessing a two man sex show: “It’s past three in the morning and I’m still thinking of you. To be honest, after the show, I did what any healthy man would have done. Seeing what they did to one another I thought of you...and me.”

The question is: does he push that button and send the letter or not? That’s what makes this piece memorable.

I loved the signature: “Love, Jim.” That’s right! [1]
This is a very short vignette that despite its being only one page long still manages to pack quite a punch. Kirk is taking shore leave in a beach setting that should be dear to his heart. Instead he finds himself consumed with loneliness for his friend and first officer. Each place he goes, each thing he does only reminds him that Spock is not by his side.

I very much liked how Kirk seeks out entertainment that Spock could have shared with him in an effort to feel closer.

I hope he pressed that "send" button. [2]


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