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Name: Sharesome
Dates: 2016
Type: social platform
Fandom: panfandom
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Sharesome [2] is a free adult social media website, founded in 2018. Sharesome offers adult content creators tools to grow their audience, serving as an alternative to mainstream social media. Because of the familiar design, the platform has been dubbed as The Facebook for Porn. Registration on the website requires no e-mail address for regular users. The platform welcomed all NSFW content that does not break international rules or is illegal.


In December 2018, Tumblr announced that it will remove all adult content from its site's directory, the event been known as the Tumblr NSFW Content Purge[3]. Traffic to the platform fell from 521 million views in December 2018 to 437 million in January next year, according to figures from Similar Web [4]. As of May 2019, the numbers have gone down to 370 million. Sharesome positioned itself as one of the best alternatives to Tumblr, witnessing a steady growth of former Tumblr users. The crackdown on adult content was followed by Instagram, who started to demote sexually suggestive posts and other content that teeters the line of breaking its rules from being recommended on Explore and hashtag pages. Reddit updated it's Advertising Policy to disallow NSFW ads and targeting on Reddit in April 2019. As of June 2019, the platform has reached over 500.000 users and 3,4 million monthly visits, making it one of the most successful alternatives to Tumblr.
''Sexuality is a human right that lies at the core of our individual freedom and happiness. Our vision is that pornography should be arousing and empowering for both performers and consumers, it should be personal and personalized, authentic and diverse, democratic and progressive, liberating and unapologetic. said Tudor Bold, CEO
As of June 2019, the platform has reached over 500.000[5] users and 3,4 million monthly visits, making it one of the most successful alternatives[6] to Tumblr.


Social platform

According to their official press releases, Sharesome will forever be free for its users and no advertising will be allowed on the website. Registration requires no e-mail address and the feed is personalized, using machine learning to display the content that users like and interact with.
'The feed-ranking algorithm brings the absolute hottest content to you. Just follow your favorite models and topics. The more you engage with posts from certain people or topics, the more you’ll see similar stuff. You have a soft spot for /WinterCuteness? Or a “hard spot” for /Jeans? Or you simply want to laugh your ass off to /IndifferentCats? There’s probably a topic for it. Oh, and if there isn’t, you can start one for free and become the cause’s flag-bearer. Tudor Bold, CEO
The platform is focused around creating communities, who share mutual interest towards any topic that doesn't break the rules ( e.g bestiality ). Users can either join already existing topics or create one themselves. By joining or creating a specific topic, users can interact with each other based on their shared activity, likes etc. and they automatically become the moderators of that topic. Moderation can be shared with other members who follow the topic and have posted content.


Following one of their biggest update, the company released Sharesome Chat to all its users. Fans can message their favorite stars, as well as other users.

Content creator program

Sharesome introduced the Content Creator Program [7] in order to give verified stars & cam girls the necessary tools to grow their audience and promote their content. Every verified star account features links to your other social media sites, pay-sites, or cam-sites. Go viral with your sexy posts on Sharesome while your fans like, comment and share your content. Post your own high-quality content and receive tips and likes from your fans. You can promote your posts with FLAME CREDITS to reach a bigger audience and get more engagement.
The adult industry is changing right now. Livechat performers and porn actors want to no longer be dependent on production studios, they want to be entrepreneurs, to produce and sell content on their own terms. We built Sharesome, so live chat performers and porn actors can grow a fanbase and send traffic to their own websites, camsites or paysites” Product Manager, Andrew Nelson, Product Manager

Flame token

The Flame Token (XFL)[8] is a blockchain based token, compatible with the ERC-20 standard [9] of the Etherum blockchain and it is intended to be used as a value transfer mechanism for the online adult entertainment industry. On Sharesome, the flame credits are used by the users to tip their favorite stars or other members. It can be used for other digital services, like advertising on the platform. Content creators can use Flame Credits (either earned or bought) to promote their profile and their content to their relevant audience. This will allow them to build a fanbase and send interested fans to their paid sites where they can monetize them.


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