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Title: ShadowGram
Publisher: Inner Visions Publications
Editor(s): Maria Barbosa, Marcy Robin
Type: newsletter
Date(s): 1979-present
Medium: print, online
Fandom: Dark Shadows
Language: English
External Links: Shadowgram online
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a 1983 flyer
a 1987 flyer

ShadowGram contains information about the show and actors. There are at least 114 issues and it started in 1979. At first it was printed, but later moved online, although print subscriptions may still be available. Print issues run 12-14 pages.


From an ad in The World of Dark Shadows #81:

  • "Official informationfrom Dan Curtis Productions about the possible new versions of DARK SHADOWS.
  • News and personal photos from the 1966-1971 and 1991 DARK SHADOWS stars, including their own messages to the fans.
  • Confirmed details of personal appearances and performances for the DARK SHADOWS cast and crew: Their roles in plays, TV, and film, plus their own books, CDs, and other projects.
  • Reports and publicity from Sci Fi Channel onits weekday broadcasts of original DARK SHADOWS episodes.
  • Updates, excerpts, release schedules, advance publicity, and special price offers for the DARK SHADOWS books, merchandise, and collectibles.
  • Major DARK SHADOWS professional and quality fan publications and projects.
  • Premiere announcements and updates for the annual Dark Shadows Festival conventions, featuring cast/crew guests in Autograph and Q&A sessions, performances, rare video programming, merchandise, photos, and memorabilia for sale, and more.
  • News and sharing by DARK SHADOWS fans themselves from around the world."


  • #37 (April 1987)
  • #38/39 (July 1987)
  • #42 (April 1988)
  • #43 (July 1988)
  • #44 (Oct. 1988)
  • #45 (Jan. 1989)
  • #46 (April 1989)
  • #47 (August 1989)
  • #54/55 and #55 (Jan. 1991) (oddly, there seem to be two)
  • #56 (May 1991)
  • #61 (Aug. 1992) (21 pages)
  • #63 (Jan. 1993)
  • #83 (June 1998)
  • #84 (October 1998)
  • #85 (February 1999)
  • #86 (June 1999)