Shades of Sherlock

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Title: Shades of Sherlock
Publisher: The Three Students Plus
Editor(s): Bruce Kennedy
Date(s): 1966-1972
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes
Language: English
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cover by J. Jackson
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Shades of Sherlock is a Sherlockian fanzine. It is the official publication of The Three Students Plus, Scion Society of the Baker Street Irregulars, Inc. Each issue contains 10-20 pages.

At one time, they were available for downloading at Shades of Sherlock. This site is no longer functioning.

About: Production

A variety of duplicating machines was used for producing the issues. This was well before the days of desk-top publishing and laser printers, and the production quality is sometimes shockingly low. The early issues were produced on a spirit duplicating machine (sometimes called a ditto machine) purchased from a thrift shop for ten dollars. These issues have purple ink on white paper. In normal use, a spirit duplicator can produce up to about thirty copies. Sometimes we stretched this to many more copies! Other issues were produced on an A.B.Dick model 90 mimeograph machine purchased from the same thrift shop. These issues have smudgy black ink on a variety of paper. Mimeograph machines can print hundreds of copies, and sometimes we printed the traditional 221 copies of an issue. [1]

Annual 1

Shades of Sherlock (Annual No. 1) was published in January 1967.

Issue 1

Shades of Sherlock 1 (Volume I, no.1) was published in October 1966.

Issue 2

Shades of Sherlock 2 (Volume I, no.2) was undated.

Issue 3

Shades of Sherlock 3 (Volume I, no.3) was undated.

Issue 4

Shades of Sherlock 4 (Volume I, no.4) was published in April 1967. It contains 14 pages.

Issue 5

Shades of Sherlock 5 (Volume I, no.5) was published in June 1967.

Issue 6

Shades of Sherlock 6 (Volume I, no.6) was published in August 1967.

Issue 7

Shades of Sherlock 7 (Volume II, no.1) was published in October 1967. It contains 18 pages.

Issue 8

Shades of Sherlock 8 (Volume II, no. 2) was published in December 1967.

Annual 2

Shades of Sherlock (Annual No. 2) was published in January 1968.

Issue 9

Shades of Sherlock 9 (Volume II, no. 3) was published in February 1968.

Issue 10

Shades of Sherlock 10 (Volume II, no. 4) was published in April 1968. Beware: it was incorrectly labeled issue #11.

Issue 11/12

Shades of Sherlock 11/12 (Volume II, no. 5) was published in June 1968.

Issue 13

Shades of Sherlock 13 was published in January 1969.

Issue 14

Shades of Sherlock 14 was published in July 1969.

Issue 15

Shades of Sherlock 15 was published in January 1970.

Issue 16

Shades of Sherlock 16 was published in July 1970.

Issue 17

Shades of Sherlock 17 was published in January 1971.

Issue 18

Shades of Sherlock 18 was published in August 1971.

Issue 19

cover of v.6. no.1, J. Jackson

Shades of Sherlock (January 6, 1972, Volume 6, Number 1, Whole Number 19) Cover by J. Jackson.

  • Editorial (Let Me Recommend this Book (Tom Drucker))
  • Concerning the Remarkable Similitude of Characteristics Between Ian Murdoch, Esq., and Sir George R. Sitwell (William J. Walsh)
  • The Adventures of Rasil Bathbone (Gayle Puhl)
  • Notices
  • Quote Quarter
  • Letters

Issue 20

Shades of Sherlock 20 was published in September 1972. It was the last issue.

Special Issues

Four Wheels to Baker Street

Four Wheels to Baker Street was a one-shot edited by Bruce Kennedy. It was published in 1968.

Best Of

The Best of Shades of Sherlock contains 35 pages of material from previous issues dating from October, 1966 - January, 1972. The zine itself was published in 1973. and edited by Bruce Kennedy, BSI / Bannister of The Three Students Plus / printed by Bradley Kjell / Gilchrist of the Three Students Plus / Foreword by John Bennett Shaw, BSI. Contains essays, poems, pastiches, parodies of and about Sherlock Holmes.



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