Series 7 Arc

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Title: Series 7 Arc
Author(s): Sharon Bowers
Genre: femslash fanfiction
Fandom: ER
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Series 7 Arc is a Kim/Kerry series by Sharon Bowers. It has three parts:

  • Not Love, Something Else. Summary: What if Kim were a real character and not just a catalyst for Kerry's individual journey? If so, I think her life at County might look something like this.
  • Sotto Voce. Summary: In the painful wake of her break-up with Kerry Weaver, Kim Legaspi's return to County General pushes her to her ethical and emotional limits.
  • Pervigilo. Summary: Things that aren't. Things that are. And things two women only wish could be.

Recs and Reviews

Not Love, Something Else, Sotto Voce & Perviglio. All three are amazing glimpses into Kim and Kerry's relationship but it is Pervigilo that really stands out to me. I t's set a few weeks after the detonation of their relationship and we get to see how each of them is handling it. It's a remarkable story with mythology, drama and all that good stuff. rec: July 2001[1]



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