Sentinel Slash Virtual Season Interview with Bluewolf

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Sentinel Slash Virtual Season Interview with Bluewolf
Interviewer: Sentinel Slash Virtual Season
Interviewee: Bluewolf
Date(s): 2001
Medium: online
Fandom(s): The Sentinel
External Links: interview is here; reference link
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Bluewolf was interviewed for Sentinel Slash Virtual Season.

Part of a Series

See Sentinel Slash Virtual Season Interview Series.

Some Excerpts

Started writing Trek (TOS, obviously) fanfiction around 1970 - it was first shown in the UK in 1969 - though I'd been writing 'original' stories for a full 25 years before that. A lot of my earliest Trek stories never made it out of the closet, but I made all the obvious fanfic mistakes with those... and had the sense to realize it.
A Scots friend some of us regularly borrow (slash) zines from started speaking about this new series she was getting videos of from America (it's still never been shown here), then she was at one of the cons and came back full of how good it was, how friendly the actors were, and eventually two of us borrowed a tape from her (Cypher & Night Train) and a couple of zines... but Valerie who betas for me isn't on line.
I've always preferred the hero's sidekick over the more obvious hero.
I've always been keen on SF, and still have a very soft spot for Classic Trek, though I reckon I wrote myself out a few years ago (both straight and slash) - I was beginning to repeat myself, so I stopped writing in that fandom. It was the first series that 'hooked' me - prior to that I thought 'fandom' was for enthusiastic teenagers, and I'd got safely past that stage without ever getting hooked on *anything*. Professionals, though I haven't written much there. I sort of fell into Pros because some of my friends watched (I've never liked cop series much :-) ) and I wanted to know what they were talking about. And in the last couple of months I've started watching Stargate though that's as far as I've taken that one. I don't have any urge to write it. I have to like both characters before I can write in a series, as well as seeing a good rapport between them.
...a full list of what I've written... would probably be boring. Everything has been in zines, apart from two or three Pros stories that were originally in the circuit library and someone else posted.