Secret Angels Fic Exchange

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Name: Secret Angels Fic Exchange, Secret Angels Fiction Exchange
Date(s): 2009 - 2010
Type: Fic Exchange
Fandom: Supernatural
Associated Community: deancastiel
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The Secret Angels Fic Exchange was a fic exchange in Supernatural fandom, focused on the pairing of Dean/Castiel. Authors had to write a minimum of 2000 words. It ran twice in both 2009 and 2010.


Round 1

All Kinds of Beauty in this World by olympia_m For feldspar2. All Dean wants is some peace and quiet and porn.

All Your Empty Lies by thunder_nari For i_want_2. What happens when emotions that he's never truly felt before become too much for Castiel to handle?

An Angel's Gratitude by birddi For catalinacat. Dean is reluctant to become involved with Castiel because "he's not gay" and he's convinced it'll send him right back down to the Pit. Castiel tells him that God wanted all his children to be loved, regardless of who they find love in.

Angels Tread by goth_clark For midnight_elf. Castiel disobeys and pays the price.

The Beginning is the End is the Beginning by spacemonkey_699 For zelda_zee. The 66th seal breaks. At the end of time no one has anything left to lose.

The Blessed and the Damned by catalinacat For rivermud. This whole thing you've got going on with a goddamn angel is a wild, runaway train - you want to get away, jump off, but you're just too afraid to fall. So it's full steam ahead now, and if there's a fire in your belly every time you lay eyes on Castiel, well... maybe that's not such a bad thing after all.

Brave New World by zelda_zee For stageira. The war ends, and it’s time for Castiel to leave.

Comfort Food by feldspar2 For naimu. Love has not limits, love is godsend.

Cries for the Unbirth by seraphim_grace For jetaimerai. Dean/Castiel slash - Castiel appears to be rather close to someone and Dean gets jealous.

Down to Sleep by seraphwings For extraonions. Castiel/Dean somnophilia. Castiel whammies an unsuspecting Dean to have his wicked way with him.

Experiencing Dean Winchester by thunder_nari For asheridan. When Dean Winchester is involved, thought often isn't.

Fall by seraphwings For extraonions. Actually, it's the landing that kills you.

Fixing by seraphwings For extraonions. If only human medicine were as easy as it looked.

Flames of the Past by i_want_2 For gehvays. It starts with Denver disappearing in the middle of the night.

Good Boy by mummyluvr314 For spacemonkey_699. Dean huffed and trotted away from the door and toward the old couch that had come with the room. He lifted his leg. It was going to be a long month.

Graveyard Talks by izazov For smilla840. Dean/Castiel, with Castiel coming to the rescue during a hunt gone wrong.

Half a Beer and a Balcony Lawn Chair by seraphwings For extraonions. Dean's usual tactics aren't working with this one

Homeless by naimu For misstitania. After the final battle Sam goes back to school, Dean is lost, and Castiel decides to stay on Earth and help him.

A Hundred Days by stageira For thunder_nari. It had been a hundred days since Dean had last seen Castiel.

A Hunter and an Angel on a Dirt Road by writingpathways For seraphim_grace. Dean tries to push away, Castiel doesn't let him.

The Hunter and His Angel by gehvays For writingpathways. Castiel shares, Dean listens.

It's the Capital of Sweden, Dean by strangeandcharm For vichan. Dean might have left Hell, but Hell hasn’t left him.

Lay All Your Love On Me by misstitania For asheridan. Dean finds comfort and love in place he never thought to look.

Like a Handprint on My Heart by mummyluvr314 For parenthetical. Two years after the end of the war, Dean realized that he was being mocked.

Love in All Forms by moonofwinds For olympia_m. Castiel's tempted, and Dean is tempted by Castiel's wings.

Man of Unclean Lips by extraonions For mummyluvr314. A week ago, if you'd told Dean Winchester that he'd be kneeling at an angel's feet, naked, in the rain? Well, he'd have laughed at you. Or possibly cracked your ribcage open, because Hell was Hell, after all. Yet, here he was. Naked. In the rain. Being baptized by an Angel of the Lord.

Marked by hunters_retreat For simithedemon. Sam is researching, Dean is bored, and Castiel is jealous.

Moments by mrstotten For izazov. Castiel is injured in battle. Whilst Dean takes care of Cas, and Cas and Sam bond, Dean finds out that maybe Castiel means a bit more to him than he thought.

Monsoon by midnight_elf For autumn_lilacs. Something pulls Dean west.

Moonflower by keire_ke For ukshewolfe. Sam watches and worries and works as Dean wishes he could sleep and if perchance he could avoid dreaming, life would be just peachy.

My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose by ladyyueh For moonofwinds. Dean Winchester blazes in Castiel's sight.

Paradisi//Inferno by seraphwings For extraonions. Castiel spends forty years in hell, searching for Dean Winchester.

Putting the ‘Christian’ In Hans Christian Andersen by strangeandcharm For vichan. With apologies to a certain fishy fairy tale...

Qui Custos es Mei by vichan For birddi. Oh, yeah. It was about to get mighty crowded at the Singer Salvage Yard.

Sacrificial Virgins Are Go! by penelope_z For mrstotten. It really all started because Dean refused to sacrifice the goat.

See the World in Blue and Green by parenthetical For keire_ke. Castiel spends a day learning what it's like to be human.

Silent Reverie by sablier_bloque For ladyyueh. Dean still can't sleep because of the nightmares and it's starting to affect the job. Castiel thinks he can help Dean, and while he tries to heal Dean's soul, Dean realizes the extent of Castiel's affection for him. And just maybe Dean feels the same way.

Sons of Thunder by linda92595 For downfall35. Dean, Sam and Castiel must infiltrate a biker gang looking for a lost artifact that controls a seal.

Stay Your Hand by ukshewolfe For seraphwings. A protection spell takes some of Castiel's memory and compassion.

Stranger than Kindness by simithedemon For amoralambiguity. A cemetery, the walking Undead, our heroes trapped and injured...

Turn Away From Truth by darksilvercat For strangeandcharm. “You are a good man Dean. Someday you will come to believe that.”

Twisted Grapes by birddi For hunters_retreat. What's it like to be seduced by an angel? Well, Dean Winchester will tell you that it isn't easy. It's actually a freaking headache chased down with an apocalypse. But that's only after he's caught on.

Was it a Fantasy? by asheridan For darksilvercat. Dean needs some alone time and encounters an angel.

We Shall Find Peace by smilla840 For vyrantium. The final battle is upon them but it’s its aftermath that will prove more trying.

The Wild Garden by autumn_lilacs For sablier_bloque. Castiel enlists Dean’s help in a mission to stop Lilith and Alastair from gaining control of one of the fabled ‘Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse’.

Wise Man Says by i_want_2 For goth_clark. On a wild goose chase, Dean finds something unexpected about Castiel's vessel.

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing by downfall35 For penelope_z. “That spell was legit; no Angel can get by it, which means...”

Wreck of the Day by vyrantium For linda92595. When Castiel falls from grace, who will be there to mend his broken soul?

Round 2

Am I Origami by moonlettuce For tracy. In which there is Dean. And then another one.

And the Leaves Ceased Falling by hells_hikari For 9_of_clubs. Castiel longed to talk to someone about it. About the things he witnessed every single day. It was hard to bear, unlike earlier, when he'd watched people die from a local and emotional distance.

Angels Do Not Fly (Nor Love) by nabichansaotome For archon_mentha. He’s not sweating or getting thirsty or breathing hard – he’s not breathing, period.

Anywhere But Here by strangeandcharm For sijay. Dean Winchester discovers that the grass is always greener on the other side of the timeline.

As Strong As That by hunters_retreat For catalinacat. When the angel shows up, Dean lets go of his pain and buries it, pretends that it is divine acceptance of his sacrifice and buries himself in flesh that doesn’t deserve this, that doesn’t deserve anything less than love and wonders where the angel has the strength to accept his place in all of this.

At the End of Days There is You and Me by anyothergirl415 For slartibartfast. Before the seal broke, before Lucifer came and the world as everyone knew it ended, Dean would have berated the Angel for sneaking up on him. Now though, Dean was unable to fight off the urge to step forward and wrap his arms tight around the familiar form.

At Your Feet by martyred_wings For nabichansaotome. Dean muses over life while standing on a bridge, and receives a visit from Castiel, receiving comfort and so much more.

Battle Fever by oran For earthquakedream. An injury to Sam pushes Dean and Castiel into acting on their feelings but it's a while before they get more than one kiss.

Bless Me Father for I Have Sinned by mephestopheles For watermaline. Sex, and perviness in a church. Dean's positive he's going to hell again, and Castiel is going to absolve him... the old fashioned way.

Breathing in Heaven by a_carnal_mink For adictd2life. If Dean wasn't mistaken, Cas was trying to make friends with him. For serious.

Bubble, What Bubble? (Or, Six People Who Wish Dean and Castiel Would Catch A Clue) by kira_bouviea For nabichansaotome. "When Castiel came into the story, Chuck had no idea how much harder his job had just gotten." Six different perspectives on Dean and Castiel’s oblivious nature and two people who really need to be smacked with a clue-by four.

Castiel Cooks While Dean Looks by martyred_wings For nabichansaotome. Castiel cooks breakfast for both Sam and Dean, introducing them to a new dish called "La Salade Russe".

Castles Fall in the Sand by darksilvercat For hells_hikari. It’s been three days since Lucifer rose, two and a half days since Sam locked himself into Bobby’s panic room... Five hours ago Dean had gone outside to yell for Castiel.

Chrome by seraphwings For vichan. This isn't any sort of possession he can recognize. There is no demonic force he can sense, no ghost slipped into Dean's skin. The only sense of a soul at all is just Dean's, quiet and muffled beneath an odd, cold gloss.

Confidence and Optimism by ladyyueh For mummyluvr314. Sam knows there something wrong with Dean.

Destiny's Fan by linda92595 For misslucyjane. The final battle in the war is almost over. Sam has fallen to the dark side and Dean and Castiel come to destroy him. Sam offers Dean an alternative.

The Devil to Fear is the Devil You Make by mummyluvr314 For frayed1989. The lore on the Devil is that he was an angel who Fell into Hell. The lore on the Devil is only half right.

Dionysus by bauble For bold_seer. Dean takes Castiel for a night out on the town to celebrate his joining Dean and Sam on the road. Sam, unfortunately, is less enthusiastic.

Duplicity of the Mind / Sharing Space by kira_bouviea For nabichansaotome. "Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body."- 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Easy to Remain Oblivious When Nearing Oblivion by vichan For oatmeal_queen. Sam can't be sure of where or when, but something has changed.

Ensnare by watermaline For ladyyueh. Castiel is Lucifer’s favorite brother. In order to make Castiel happy enough to follow him, Lucifer decides to give him a present.

Even Bad Sex is Better than No Sex at All by catalinacat For downfall35. Sure, Dean likes boobs as much as the next guy [no, scratch that, Dean loves boobs] but he really only has three criteria for a potential lay and neither mammary glands nor vaginas are on the list.

Every Word a Piece of My Heart by smilla840 For janie_tangerine. The war is over and Jimmy is finally free to go back to his family. Everything should be perfect – then why isn’t it?

Fate Comes on Dark Wings by fiveclawedfics For xela_fic. “I'm just saying, man, there's just some legends that you just, you file under ‘bullcrap’.” The job in Providence was going smoothly, right up until a lunatic claiming to be an angel tried to kill Sam.

Feathers Like Air by entropy_maximum For by_starkiller. The floor of the hotel was covered in various drawings and debris, Dean had been up for the better part of six hours trying to summon Castiel, there were bags under his eyes and his hands shook faintly as he grabbed for the chalk to draw more symbols on the already covered floor.

Five Ways Castiel Tried to Woo Dean Winchester, and the One Time he Didn’t Need To by mrstotten For moonlettuce. As the Winchesters try to prepare for the apocalypse with hunting and research. Castiel has a different type or research in mind. Crack induced fluff.

Gained in Translation by aesc For mrstotten. Possibly, Dean thinks when he flips off the radio and the kitchen falls into a buzzing, anxious silence, he is going nuts. Only maybe he's got some serious denial going on, that he's pushed the end of the world back underneath work, fixing the Impala, fixing other cars for Bobby's few customers.

Getting Lucky in Kentucky by cloudyjenn For neon_footprint. Wherein sleeping arrangements are awkward, Sam teaches Castiel to masturbate and Dean finds out what to do with your angel when he’s not really an angel anymore.

Grace Under Pressure by neon_footprint For a_carnal_mink. After Lucifer rises, and Castiel faces the wrath of the archangels, this story shows Dean, Sam and Castiel rebuilding themselves to face the oncoming storm. The question is, how will the end of the world change the relationships between them?

Hallucinations and Tranquility by goth_clark For samara_draven. After Sam is hurt on a hunt, and Castiel heals him, he begins to have strange dreams and hallucinations.

Hear the Pipers by shadowbyrd For wandersfound. Castiel is having some difficulties adjusting to life apart from heaven. Despite his best efforts, Dean doesn’t make it any easier.

Heaven For a Moment in Time by hikari_datenshi For elessae. "You must take it, Dean. I’ve searched and searched, but there is no other way."

Hero of the Day by caz2y5 For samara_draven. Castiel joins the boys on a hunt that goes wrong.

How Castiel Got His Wings Back (And What He Did With Them Thereafter) by cloudyjenn For neon_footprint. The next time Dean sees Castiel after he promises Dean to hold off the archangels, he’s got a new name and a new life. This is the story of how it took both a demon and the power of love to bring Dean and Castiel back together again.

I Would Walk So Much Further (Just to Know What I’m Doing Here) by vyrantium For parenthetical. Dean finds himself stranded, lost, and looking for answers. Will he find them in Castiel?

In the Tribe (Or, How Castiel and Dean Acquired the Pet Names Peanut and Crackerjack, Respectively) by seraphwings For vichan. Castiel, it turns out, is an avid baseball fan.

If I Didn't Know Any Better by elessae For smilla840. Dean sleepwalks, and there are consequences, and perhaps love, and the act of reading is forever redefined.

If It Kills Me by c00kie For burkesl17. In which Dean is whumped, Castiel kicks some ass, Sam seeks redemption and nothing is quite what it seems.

If Only You Were Lonely by prettypsycho For lassroyale. Dean’s instinct to get the job done any way necessary lands him in hot water with both his brother and his angel.

If You Wanna Kiss the Sky (Better Learn How to Kneel) by trinityofone For ladyyueh. It’s not heights that Dean is afraid of.

In My Room by i_want_2 For slashaddicted. Late at night the world changes. Dean isn't as alone as he thinks.

In the Silence Afterward by ibroketuesday For spacemonkey_699. After Lucifer rises, Dean goes mute.

A Job for an Angel by cloudyjenn For moonlettuce. It's time to send in an expert. Because Raphael may not be a human, but he knows exactly how they think. The only way to make a human realize that they’re missing something is to take it for yourself.

Just One More Thing by sijay For i_want_2. Dean has wings. Castiel can't seem to keep himself from touching them. When Dean starts nesting, things get even worse.

Kiss and Make it Better by anne_higgins For darksilvercat. Both the forces of Heaven and Hell are after Dean and Castiel, but sometimes a kiss really does make it all better. At least most of it.

The Land of Unlikeness by aesc For hikari_datenshi. Once his brain stops turning circles in his skull, he tries to take stock. His gun is gone, and so is Ruby's knife. His body's a cacophony of aches and pains, small, stinging cuts where the sand has worked in. Give him twelve hours and he'll be a walking bruise and muscles that won't work right. Narrowing his eyes, Dean chances a look down the slope and figures, give him twenty-four and he'll be dead.

Late Last Night and the Night Before by wandersfound For c00kie. Dean and Cas go on a hunt together.

Life, Shed for You by burkesl17 For anyothergirl415. The first time it happened Dean didn't think much of it. That would change.

Little Big Hero by samara_draven For discord_rhyme. After losing Sam, Dean flips out while Bobby and Cas discuss it.

A Long Year by uselessplayback For prettify. Keeping Dean alive is more difficult than Castiel ever suspected.

Maybe an Angel by cs_whitewolf For bellajayd. Angels can be cruel and capricious creatures, and Castiel knows there's a price to pay for his disobedience.

No Stranger in Your Dreams by parenthetical For seraphwings. Dean and Castiel have been meeting each other in secret, in dreams. Something follows them one night -- something with teeth. And now Dean won't wake up... Dreams can be as dangerous as reality.

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? by bellajayd For fiveclawedfics. The plan is everything, because I will not spend all of eternity without my love. I refuse. I am the Morning Star’s brother and Heaven should never have forgotten that.

Older, Too by prettify For hunters_retreat. It's peaceful inside Bobby's when they celebrate Sam's birthday, but there's a storm outside and Dean's the one feeling older.

Once More, With Feelingby xela_fic For kitty_alex. "I raised you from perdition, defied death, yanked you out of Hell because you have a destiny, Dean: you get to raise the Antichrist. Again. Because once wasn't enough..."

Our Side of the World by adictd2life For vyrantium. Dean remembers hell. He remembers every second and it's killing him. He feels guilt and shame. The guilt and the shame he expects. What he never expected was falling for the angel.

Paradise Forgotten, by Carver Edlund by tracy For trinityofone. Sequel to Lucifer Rising: Castiel's life is intact, but Dean's memories are not.

Pay Homage to Everything by skidmo For oran. The world is different now.

Pomegranate Seeds by elaeazeph For bold_seer. Heaven remakes the Earth in the image of Eden. Castiel spends the years of its reforging seeking to preserve the last shreds of humanity he can coax free.

Pygmalion Amongst the Wheat by bellajayd For goth_clark. To give you life, Dean, I gave you my heart.

Retrocausality by extraonions For shadowbyrd. Castiel laid a hand on John's shoulder. "I have seen your future, John. I can promise you this much—sacrifice the Colt now, for Dean, and the day will come when a Winchester holds it again. Within the year, Azazel will be dead."

Reverie by taufu For caz2y5. Castiel makes a decision regarding Dean's nightmares and decides to interfere the next time he has one.

Right by frayed1989 For prettypsycho. Let me feel you, carry you higher. Watch your words spread hope like fire. Secret crowds rise up and gather. Hear your voices sing back louder.

Running in Circles by izazov For ibroketuesday. Apocalypse is over, but it’s only a start of a different hunt for Dean.

Scripture Talks by birddi For kira_bouviea. Castiel visits when Dean is watching a monster movie marathon.

Second Verse, Same as the First by oatmeal_queen For izazov. On a day that doesn’t seem to want to end, Dean and Castiel are faced with an opponent who attempts to force them apart with the barter of one’s freedom in exchange for the other’s absolute death. But who’s life is worth more? A human’s or an angel’s? And for two creatures who seemingly dislike each other, why is it so hard to choose?

The Secret in the Back of My Skull by misslucyjane For simithedemon. Castiel wanted Dean to be happy. Sex made Dean happy. Therefore, Castiel would have to have sex with Dean.

Seperate Peace by bmouse For feldspar2. In the aftermath, Dean is cooped up at Bobby’s with a stack of westerns. Castiel tries to give him a vacation.

The Shattered Ones by thunder_nari For cs_whitewolf. Lucifer has always been a fan of tragic comedies. Even when no one else sees the humor.

Shut the Eye of Reason by thevinegarworks For strangeandcharm. Some things you should have faith in.

Sinful Pleasure by by_starkiller For skidmo. The Seven Deadly Sins decide to reappear and meddle in Dean's life once again – with some unexpected results.

Small Town Faith by kitty_alex For corythus. After blowing out his knee and embarrassing himself publicly, Dean Winchester moves to a small town called Maysville to escape. He discovers not everything is what it seems as he gets deeply involved with a man named Castiel.

Take a Bow by spacemonkey_699 For luchia13. Lucifer casts a spell on Castiel, leaving him unconscious and quickly losing his mind. Dean steps in - literally.

Take My Hand (and Lead Me Through the Fire) by hils For cloudyjenn. Castiel falls and realizes that being human means maybe losing everything he ever wanted.

Take Off Your Pants and Jacket by spacemonkey_699 For luchia13. The war is over, and Dean and Castiel finally find some time to themselves. Unfortunately for Dean, there are some complications.

Take These Broken Wings by slartibartfast For taufu. When Alastair captures Castiel, Dean is the only one willing to save him.

Tear Me to Pieces (and Sew Me Back Up Again) by 9_of_clubs For entropy_maximum. The apocalypse has started and the hunters have formed a ragtag little army, but space is scarce and claustrophobia is rampant... Sometimes desperation leads to disastrous results.

Throwing Glass at Stone Houses by archon_mentha For extraonions. Lucifer is finally defeated, but Castiel has gone missing. Dean won't give up until he is found.

Till We Have Faces by cloudyjenn For hells_hikari. When the opportunity arises, Dean realizes he wants nothing more than to see Castiel’s true form.

A Time Off From the Apocalypse by bold_seer For aisling_door. Even the most diligent hunter needs a time off from the Apocalypse once in a while... and so do angels.

Tower of Cards by lassroyale For elaeazeph. When Dean is murdered before his eyes, Castiel will do anything to get him back... even journey through several lifetimes for the chance to save his soul.

Transfer by downfall35 For bmouse. "Cas seems to have tapped out his angelic mojo and I-"

Trials Borne Since Becoming Grown by altyronsmaker For shadowbyrd. Castiel stood, still and silent over the bed. The figure sleeping in it brought a rare and careful smile to his lips. He was such a beautiful child.

True Love Tends to Forget by janie_tangerine For thunder_nari. Now this Dean is the same but not; he might have his issues but nothing beyond repair. He doesn’t have any kind of second thought when he sees his brother or talks to him, there isn’t Hell constantly looming behind his eyes. He’s whole and all it took was forgetting. And forgetting Castiel’s existence, among the rest.

Twist by trinityofone For thevinegarworks. In his exceedingly long existence, the angel Zachariah has not often been surprised.

The Uncomfortable Truth About Being Prophesized by luchia13 For savingfaith333. The Prophet Chuck knows all, and that really isn’t helping Dean’s valiant attempts at denial.

The Unlocking and the Lift Away (Your Love Will Be Safe With Me) by devilyouwere For linda92595. He came from nowhere and he went everywhere and no one could ever find him. But he was a man of his word.

Victory Dance by goth_clark For mephestopheles. The war is won, and Dean Winchester knows how he wants to celebrate, and he isn't taking no for an answer. Not even from an angel.

We'll Get There in the End (A Journey in Five Parts) by smilla840 For janie_tangerine. Mending a relationship is hard, especially you're fighting a war at the same time.

When All is Said and Done by spacemonkey_699 For luchia13. Once the war is over, Michael finds himself faced with a disappointed Father and only one solution: convince Castiel and Dean Winchester to have sex.

The Wings, Your Wings by wandersfound For martyred_wings. After a hunt, Castiel has wings and can’t get rid of them.

Without Weeping by hunters_retreat For catalinacat. He wondered, for a moment, if mankind could throw such a man into hell without weeping, if they really deserved to be saved after all.

The World Can Wait by aisling_door For birddi. Castiel comes to grips with his developing humanity and his feelings for Dean

Your Guardian Angel by i_want_2 for devilyouwere. Jimmy Novak is on his honeymoon when he meets a seductive stranger. Things get out of his hands fast.

Your Time Will Come by goth_clark For aesc. In which Dean rushes off to fight Lucifer. Sam tries to force Castiel to help. Castiel keeps saying it isn't time, and Bobby just thinks they're all crazy.

Round 3

1961 For bhsbaby. Angels rule the airwaves, Dean cruises in his '58 Impala, and desire is born.

The Art of Sharing For strangeandcharm. Dean gets sick and Sam doesn't want to share him with anyone.

All Along For ratherastory. (AU from 5.10) It really is a bad soap opera just waiting to happen.

All of the True Things that I am About to Tell You are Shameless Lies For phoenixangel13. So maybe when Dean had told that tall, awkward guy who had talked to him between floors that he was a straight-up (pun intended) zero on the Kinsey scale he had been exaggerating a little. And when he got his first look at his boss’s new secretary, Dean thought that maybe he had been exaggerating a lot.

Any Direction For blue_fjords. Dean had always wanted a vacation but this wasn't what he'd had in mind.

Apocalypse Day For aesc. It’s not a bad one, as Apocalypse Days go.

Apotheosis For someblazingstar. Sam briefly wondered when the virgin angel of the lord had taken control of this whole encounter.

Beautiful Oblivion For bumblee. Dean comes back from hell a little worse for wear. Castiel is the angel that was sent to bring him back into the light. How do these two get over their issues and come together for an epic kind of love.

Beauty (With You) For smaragdbird. Castiel appreciates beauty; it takes Dean a little longer to understand exactly why.

Before The Doors Close For quiddative. Dean Winchester was not an insomniac. He was just a guy who didn’t get to sleep much, and with good reason what with the unquiet dead being unquiet right in his head and all.

Being Alive For apple_buzz. Some moments in life make you want to stand up and applaud.

Below skyscrapers For a dropout. "Castiel, this is Detective Winchester," Bobby's saying, voice rough and real. It's a distraction, although a brief one, the angel glancing at him before studying Dean again with that same silent intensity. "He'll be on the Circle Murders too."

Between a Rock and a Holy Place For hobbleit. Dean and Castiel talk about Castiel’s search for God. This leads to sex. XD

BNF For cloudyjenn. The rise and intersections of two accidental BNFs...

Bring It on Home For a dropout. A riff on 5x13 The Song Remains the Same. Castiel takes an unexpected detour on his way back to 2010.

Bone Mother For moonlettuce. When Dean was little, his mother would tell him the little angel figurine would take care of him. (A very Supernatural retelling of Vasilisa the Beautiful)

Broken Like The Day For zelda_zee. It's the last day on earth, and Dean has his own ideas about how it's meant to go.

Brother Knows Best For goth_clark. "Tell him what exactly Sammy? Have you been sharing juice boxes with Cas? Because I swear you're not making sense here." Sam rolled his eyes and stared harder at Dean, "The looks, the jerkiness, the non-flippant attitude. It's Cassie all over again, man."

Come Carpe Diem, Baby For janekrahe. "I am the only being in all Creation who has cradled your soul in my hands. I know you. I know you are complete. Because I know you completely."

The Childchewer For yellowhorde. Children are going missing. And what do magic beans have to do with it?

Creature of Habit For misslucyjane. more you love someone, the more you want to kill them. Or: How Cas developed some bad habits, and Dean coped surprisingly well.

Date Night For c00kie. It's date night, and not hell or high water is gonna ruin that.

Dark Horizon For neon_footprint. Castiel wants to take Dean’s destiny into his own hands, whether or not Dean would approve. He believes showing Michael who Dean is will be enough to change things.

Dean Winchester's No Good, Very Bad Week and How it Actually Turns Out to Be Pretty Awesome, in the End For hils. In which Dean's life becomes the plot to a rom-com...

Disobeying Orders For morganoconner. With his dad on a hunt of his own and Sammy off to college, Dean is working alone which forces him to do research.

Echoes of Destiny For fannishliss. It starts with a book, ends with a revelation, and in between there’s a conversation with God. Just another day in the life of the Brothers Winchester.

The Fallout For prettify. After a lifetime of war, it’s something Dean wants. To rest.

The Fall Is Still Far from Here For oatmeal_queen. Sam and Castiel search for Dean, wait for his return and have a heart-to-heart – that’s mostly about Dean.

The First Year For bold_seer. When Castiel leaves after Lucifer's defeat, all he asks is that Dean wait for him. So that's exactly what Dean does.

Folie à Deux For vanitashaze. The AU where Henrickson was right: there is no thing as the supernatural, John was a paramilitary whackjob, and Castiel is Jimmy Novak's other personality. A madness shared by two.

Forge For bmouse. Even when your home is a motel room and all you own can be found in the trunk of a car or the pockets of your coat, there still are chores.

Four Times Dean Asked, And The One Time He Didn’t For adja999. Dean is a very curious guy, and recently Castiel’s wings have been tickling that curiosity.

Glimmer Shimmer For baka_sensei. Sam eventually gets a clue.

Hard-Loving Loser For liadan14. When all of Dean's attempts to tell Sam about his relationship with Castiel fail, Crowley decides to lend a hand.

Have Some Cuddles And Call Me In The Morning For phate_phoenix. In which Gabriel learns that not all tricks need to result in violent death, Dean discovers the benefits of cuddling and Sam goes on a date.

Heaven Has No Rage Like Love to Hatred Turned For tripoverhercats. Immediately following 5x14 Dean says yes to Michael, which will lead to the destruction to humanity, too. Now Sam, Castiel and Bobby have to find a way to extract Michael from Dean – and gain an unlikely ally.

Helping Hands For whreflections. Dean finds out Castiel was tortured in Hell by Alastair whilst on his mission to rescue him and helps him through it. Castiel decides to return the favour by helping Dean and Sam work out some of their problems.

Hey Jealousy For a dropout. After the apocalypse, everyone sits back to let things settle for awhile. The Winchesters are trying to take a breather after barely managing to avoid becoming meatsuits, Ellen’s making plans for a new Roadhouse in South Dakota, and Castiel is becoming more human every day. With all the new ‘family’ around and the time to spend doing things other than worrying about the end of the world, Cas isn’t exactly perching on Dean’s shoulder anymore.

How To Deal With Those Pesky Doorways To Doubt (Although Not What Lies Beyond) For aramley. Sam’s gone, Dean’s closed himself off (literally) and Castiel decides to take some affirmative action. But the path of true love never does run smooth...

I Get a Little Warm in My Heart When I Think of Winter For rhymephile. Castiel is injured helping Dean free Sam from a trap. Stitches, visions and talking ensue.

I Got My Trenchcoat and My Shades On For hugglewolf. Castiel is returned to Sam and Dean shaken up, but Dean takes care of him at the expense of his own health. Castiel then tries to pay back his kindness.

If On a Winter’s Night a Fangirl For alek_sandros. "Chuck," Becky said, slowly and carefully and very, very seriously. "I think someone is trying to communicate with us through the fanfic."

If This Is It For thunder_nari. Castiel gets trapped in a hospital pharmacy as the temperature plummets; Dean will say anything to keep him lucid.

It's Such a Perfect Day For watermaline. Just a normal post-apocalyptic day in the lives of Dean and Castiel, that is, in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity won.

Lines in the Suit For wandersfound. He gets into the elevator, finishing the last swallow of his cooling coffee, and almost doesn’t notice the dark-haired man standing beside him until Dean realises that he’s staring, has been staring for at least five floors.

Loosen You Up (It’s What the Pie Told Me) For hunters_retreat. Dean’s stress has Sam worried. Cas offers to help, and after a plotting session over the greatest thinking food known to man, he may just have a plan.

Matchmaking for Dummies For frayed1989. It starts with an angel waking up in Sam’s bed...

A Mile in Your Wings For a dropout. The Gary-Sam bodyswap situation means Dean's been out of contact for days. Castiel's got problems of his own.

Missives From the Morning Star For sparky77. In which, Lucifer Castiel takes over the world because he wants a firm mattress to screw Dean through, Gabe gets a new pet, Dean bakes a lot of pie while raising a Krakken, and Sammy gets his geek on.

Mixed Signals For vaderina. For the first time in what felt like weeks the brothers and their angel had finally enjoyed a highly successful hunt.

Motor Control For hells_hikari. "How much do you want your precious little hunter back Castiel? Why don’t we strike a deal?"

Neither Sad Nor Bloody For sijay. The apocalypse is over and things have settled down. Dean has Cas, but are their problems really over? Demons are gone, but there are still other creatures and ghosts to worry about. Something is haunting Dean – maybe a djinn? If his angel is meant to take care of him, why doesn’t he see the things Dean is seeing?

Never See a Crash Until it's Head-On For ladyyueh. Dean becoming self-aware and consciously courting Cas.

Nice Guys Finish Last For seraphim_grace. Bob had a wonderful existence. He had a good life, life insurance and a steady job. Bob was also a cat, with a little problem. Fortunately or unfortunately for everyone the Winchesters and Castiel are on the job.

Not A Quick Fall, But A Slow Tumble For aescu. It's been happening for a while but they've all been ignoring it, until Castiel is injured and isn't healing and he calls Dean for help.

Not With A Bang For cs_whitewolf. This is the way Dean’s world ends.

One Last Chance to Make it Real For phoenixangel13. With a prostitute, well, Castiel won’t even know her real name, and she won’t give a damn about his. Dean thinks he can live with that.

One Step Closer For a dropout. At that moment, Dean chose to believe him although he could see the lie in Castiel's eyes. He couldn't save him this time.

Only Fools Rush In For kitty_alex. Cas lets his feelings run away with him, Gabe is a total dick, Sam is concerned, and Dean has to make a choice.

Open Roads For ru_salki99. After meeting in a DMV, Castiel and Dean begin dating. Six months later, Dean wants "Cas" to meet his parents, only they misunderstand his meaning. When they finally do meet Castiel, will they understand or will they reject Dean’s new lover?

Operation Dean and Castiel For blue_flame88. Sam isn’t surprised in the slightest that he recognizes Dean’s feelings for Castiel or that he notices before his brother is ready to admit to them.

Pixie Dust For bhsbaby. Peter Pan AU where Dean is a tiny glittery pixie, Sam is an over-sized Wendy, and Castiel is still an angel.

A Poor Synonym For luchia13. Violent deaths don’t have to haunt places. They can haunt people, too – and angels.

Public Enemy #1 For xela_fic. "Listen," Sam says patiently. "If someone has to rule Hell, shouldn't it at least be someone we like?"

The Rest of It For tiptoe39. Dean and Castiel finally figure it all out.

Saviour For chrisevans. Coda to 5.14. Dean is struggling to cope mainly due to the ‘emptiness’ that Famine gloated about in the diner, that he’s been living with since he was brought back from Hell. Castiel knows exactly what caused it and that he has to deal with it, no matter the consequences...

Say Uncle For oso_intricate. It was a story about Cas, first and foremost, though Dean and Sam had cameo appearances in it as well.

Season To Taste For acerbus_instar. Dean is saddled with an unusual curse, and Cas and Sam help as best they can, under the circumstances.

Send Me an Angel For a dropout. Dean eyed the huge heart-shaped bed in the center of the room. On the nightstand beside the bed sat dozens of bottles of lubricant and packets of condoms.

Shut Up and Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is For ladyyueh. Dean and Cas wake up married in Vegas. Blame the alcohol. Dean wants to forget about it (dude, it’s Vegas. So not legal!) but Castiel takes duty and responsibility seriously.

Sing and I Will Hear You For hereare_mysins. Dean always thought of himself as more of a dog-man... kittens were for girls.

Sleeping with the Angel For mrsmarit. Castiel is picking up human traits the longer he's cut off from Heaven. When he turns up this time, Dean and Sam learn the latest is the need for sleep.

The Sound of Silence For janie_tangerine. Dean's not in control when it happens, but he's finding ways to come above it.

Standing in the Way For ladyoneill Castiel can't really decide about leaving; Dean doesn't know whether or not to tell him to stay. Gabriel gets annoyed with them both.

Stitched Together Stronger Than Before For simithedemon. Cas' wing gets torn, Dean insists on looking after it and things get awkward.

The Story is a Lie For dauntperplexity. In which Dean is Orpheus, Castiel does the unthinkable, Sam wants to talk about feelings, and Gabriel is a sucker for a good romance.

A Strange Face of Love For imora_mi_savur. Sam has had it with Dean and Cas always tiptoeing around him like he was an oblivious little kid. So he seeks the help of a witch to get their relationship in gear so he can finally get on with his life. His request wasn’t exactly fool proof and Dean and Cas become a testament to the phrase ‘be careful what you wish for’.

Surprise! For a dropout. Dean and Castiel bake a cake for Sam’s birthday.

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This For doyle_sb4. Dean has been having the same dream every night for a week, and Sam pays it no mind until something goes wrong during a hunt. Castiel attempts to perform a spell, but gets sucked into Dean's subconscious instead.

That Old Black Magic For downfall35. Upon wrapping up their latest case in New Orleans, (the one with the zombies and the blood magic and some wannabe voodoo queen), all Dean wanted to do was head back to the motel, jump in the shower and wash the stinking scent of burning flesh and blood off and out of every part of him. Was that really too much to ask?

(This Best of All) Possible Worlds For a dropout. In which Zachariah is a dick, Dean sees things he can’t forget, and Castiel saves the day.

To Teach And To Learn For bexi_jade. Dean tries to get Castiel to feel more human.

These Are The Days of Our Lives For mithrel. Dean, Sam and Castiel are on a hunt, Dean and Cas try to keep it on the down low, and Gabriel is being a dick.

Travels With Angels in Search of America For trinityofone. In which the big showdown leaves the Winchesters with more questions than answers and God sends Castiel on a road trip across the U.S to see the world’s largest chocolate moose. Along the way some answers are found, more questions are asked, and Sam and Dean just maybe, discover there’s more to life than hunting.

Under My Skin For reality0junkie. A Dzoo-Noo-Qua that isn't really a Dzoo-Noo-Qua at all causes a bit more trouble as expected and while Dean wants nothing more than to indulge an old desire of his, Castiel is struggling with gravity and Sam keeps interrupting things he rather not knew.

Unperfect For beef_wonder3. They look like wings, they look like my wings, and I cannot show them to you.

Unprecedented For seraphwings. Dean's pretty sure this isn't the first time he's had to mention how much he hates witches.

Unsaid For seraphwings. AU in which John and Mary both died in the fire and Dean is deaf. He lives in an orphanage, and he’s just six months short of eighteen when someone in charge decides that a deaf kid must go well with a mute one and gives Dean a new roommate.

Unsuffer Me For shanaqui. After the end of the world I just wanted to rest and chill out, not to re-build my life from scratch around the fact that I can’t hear shit and that I look like the fucking phantom of the Opera.

Until Exhausted Close Our Eyelids For kira_bouviea. Dean has said ‘yes,’ and has until sunrise. He and Cas say goodbye.

Velut Luna For lassroyale God creates Castiel as a gift for Michael. But when he disappears, Michael spends less and less time with him. In his loneliness, Castiel decides to visit the earth, unaware of the consequences.

Visions For miss_nevermore. Just how much did Castiel have to sacrifice to save Dean?

Voyeuristic Intentions For vyrantium. "Dean, I want to fuck you". It was said the way one would refer to the sky being blue, but Cas somehow made it sexy.

Waiting to Hold You For uselessplayback. Sometimes the end is where things begin.

Warning: Angel May Bite For a dropout. Castiel has been acting strangely but refuses to tell anyone why. When Dean starts to mirror his behaviour, Sam and Bobby manage to figure it out.

What Dreams May Come... For oran. When Heaven and Earth parted them Dean swore to Castiel that he would live the rest of the life granted to him. It was a promise that he kept, because he knew that when it was over they would be together forever.

With Intent For janekrahe. Jimmy Novak wasn't blind.

With No Direction Home For a_carnal_mink. In which there's a road trip, Dean realizes a lot of things, Sam gets it before him and Castiel (while being a BAMF in more ways than one) has a thing for Bob Dylan.

Yes, Dean, There Really Are Aliens For eggblue. After the apocalypse Cas takes Dean and Sam planet hopping and cheesy romance ensues.

You Give Yourself Away For a dropout. It's more than a loss of grace. Castiel is growing weaker by the day, people around him are acting weird and both he and Dean have a lot of issues to work through.

Round 4

Action and Reaction by heavenlyxbodies For clwright2. Sam had broken down and called Bobby on the second day, but the older hunter hadn’t heard from him. That didn’t save him from an awkward conversation about what exactly had driven Dean away.

Across The Universe by weirdwednesday For whreflections. After Sam is gone, Dean drives around without a purpose or destination. Castiel follows and finds out firsthand what both human grief and human desire feel like.

Against Pollution by hellozombies For takadainmate. Dean had no fucking clue you could get hypothermia in 50-degree weather. Or that the Grand Canyon even had 50-degree weather in June. Fuck.

All Been Done by moonlettuce For oatmeal_queen. All Ben ever wanted to be like Dean Winchester...

And the forces undivided by aesc For altyronsmaker. Cold prickled up and down Dean's spine, fear settled between each vertebra. "Well, yeah, Cas… I hope you do anyway. You've seen me naked," which earned him a confused look, and "you got yourself blown up for me, twice," which got him obvious disbelief.

And we have all the love in the world (to set alight) by thunder_nari For quiddative. In which an angel falls in love with a human, Zachariah gets jealous, the Devil gets some revenge, and Gabriel always knows what's best.

The Angel and the Pea by miya_morana For a dropout. It was prophesized at the birth of Prince Dean that he would marry an angel. The years passed and none of the girls and women who came to the castle proved to be from Heaven. Until one night, in the middle of a storm, a stranger asks the king of Winchesterland for shelter.

The Art Of Cooking Healthy Cheeseburgers (or how Castiel turned out to be insufferably good at it) by janie_tangerine For a dropout. Where Castiel is set on cooking for Dean the healthiest bacon cheeseburger that can be managed, Sam helps as much as he’s allowed and Bobby does, too, mostly because he cares about his kitchen (or so he says).

As Easy as Pie by devilsduplicity For phar_ahkmenrah. Witches are bad. Witches that make you live through every trope known to fandom are worse.

At Last, Forever by hobbleit For heavenlyxbodies. Zachariah tortures Castiel in order to find Dean’s location. Convincing Castiel he is worthless and Dean will leave him, it’s up to Dean to convince Cas otherwise. Angst and schmoop galore

Bad Romance: The Duke of Azureberry and The Earl of Middlewestmoreland by evil_knitter and gwennie3579 For wildsky_sheri. Dean, Sam and Cas wake up titled, rich and in the midst of a scandal, courtesy of a little prank of the supernatural variety. Sam is betrothed and not happy about it… neither are Cas and Dean. The trio must play their parts to find their way out of this, another effed up Winchesterian adventure. Not AU!

The Best Laid Plans by tolkien_fan195 For fate_incomplete. Castiel attempts to discuss feelings with Dean in a language he understands- practical jokes.

Blueberries and Tequila by mira_meerkat For katkaminion. Dean has to deal with an amnesiac Sam and injured Cas. There's also the pesky problem of emotions creeping in where the angel is concerned.

The Bond by heavenreturned For mira_meerkat. Dean is finally ready and going to bond with his angel. When the plans don‘t work out quite like he hopes. Things get rough for Dean.

Bring It On Home by obstinatrix For exmanhater. Cas is beginning to display emotions. This wouldn’t be so bad, were it not for the fact that the emotions seem to be centring themselves on Dean. Dean is oblivious, of course; Sam, on the other hand, is not. Sam’s never tried his hand at matchmaking before, but it can’t be so hard, right?

Broken Road by lady_yashka For a dropout. After a brief visit from Crowley, finding Cas becomes a priority for Dean.

By The Time You Get This Message by notragicmercury For prettify. Castiel was an musician. Dean was an electrician. They meet in Saint Louis, and almost fall in love.

Castiel’s Guide to Wooing a Winchester by exmanhater For a dropout. Castiel had never doubted that he was meant for Dean. Getting Dean to see it proved another matter entirely.

The Circlet by ladyoneill For a dropout. Michael devises what he believes to be a fitting punishment for the two survivors of Stull who thwarted Armageddon--a circlet of Enochian to bind two men not as lifemates but master and slave in the hopes of destroying the love they might have shared.

The Colors of Sky and Rain by morganoconner For ladyoneill. Dean is reminded again of why he hates witches so much, Castiel makes it better in whatever way he can, and Gabriel delivers a bit of not-really-welcome news.

Concerto for Two Brothers in Whine Major by nirvana_falling For a dropout. A year later, Sam rolls around with the news that they have to go fight Leviathan. It’s all downhill from there. For various definitions of downhill.

Counterbalance by neon_footprint For heavenreturned. Castiel finds out the reason Dean thinks himself an idiot.

Creeping Through the Window by gedry For siennis. Dean Winchester lucks out and gets into the college of his choice. He’s not as lucky when it comes to his roommate.

Drinking Deep by vivhasarifle For gedry. Team Free Will take an unexpected trip to a mead hall.

Dystopia Is for Lovers by blue_fjords For tasty_boots. Ben Braeden has just moved to California to live with his scientist dad and his schoolteacher uncle after the death of his mother. Things begin to look up for him and his family when he meets the famous sci-fi author, Castiel Novak. (Told in alternating POVs by Ben, Cas, Sam and Dean.)

Epic by seraphwings For miya_morana. Dean's really, really not happy with this whole bodyguard thing…

Faith by takhallus For a dropout. When Father Castiel Novak, the new parish priest, arrives into town the local mechanic Dean Winchester finds himself fascinated by more than what’s under Castiel’s hood.

Filling the Blanks by daymarket For a dropout. He died first, and it was thirty years before Dean followed. Thirty years is a long time, and Sam finds that he has a lot of gaps to fill.

A Flash of Harmless Lightning by ratherastory For tolkien_fan195. After a year, Castiel still doesn't appear to be adjusting well to being human. Dean tries to help, and finds the solution in an unexpected place.

For Better or Worse by mithrel For castiels_shadow. Dean and Castiel get married.

For The Grace Of... by elementalv For viridian_magpie. Dean is pretty sure his day is going from bad to worse, but then again, Dean’s been wrong before.

Force of Attraction by dauntperplexity For downfall35. “Because I don’t want you to become the male equivalent of an old woman with cats.”

A Fork in the Road... by fate_incomplete For dayadhvam_triad. Set during “The Rapture”. When Castiel is dragged back to heaven, something happens that allows him to see what lies in his heart, even if he doesn’t remember it when he returns.

Gallons of Mayonnaise, or Dean and Castiel Visit the Alamo by c00kie For aesc. Dean’s living a so called normal life when Castiel comes back, needing his help.

Glowing by gedry For vaderina. Dean and Cas are two months into the best relationship of Dean’s life. Then something happens that makes things way more complicated not just for them but their brothers as well.

Green by kyokohitsuji For moonlettuce. Dean watches a pretty young woman hitting on Cas and gets very jealous, but was it a random event or all part of a master plan?

Guilty In Loving In The First Degree by swing_set13 For nox_wicked. AU: Iced coffee and pancakes. A match made in heaven. It's too bad they're on opposite sides of the law.

Happy Ohs by chellefic For yeclek. Cas is pissy. Dean doesn't know why.

Held Against Your Bones by dayadhvam_triad For devilsduplicity. After Stull Cemetery, Dean finds himself with an angel in his head for unsolicited company. It's a time to tie up loose ends and run into acquaintances old and new, but Dean isn't finished with Hell just yet, and Castiel's trapped without a body of his own. (And someone's got a wild card left to play.)

Hell on Earth by flatlanddan For c00kie. In which Sam, Dean and Cas visit Costco and discover the true meaning of Christmas, which is surprisingly not free food.

Here, there and everywhere by janie_tangerine For spacemonkey_699. Lucifer sends future!Cas back to 2009. Things don’t go as the devil expects, though.

The Hidden Moments We Hold Closest by fate_incomplete For ratherastory. Dean is still tormented by what he did in hell, and only one person truly understands just what that was, Castiel. Having someone who knew everything and still accepted him anyway, was more than just a cold comfort, at times it was the only thing still keeping him afloat. Even if Sam and Bobby don’t know why Dean is so desperate to save Castiel, they’ll help him anyway, because it’s Dean, and he so rarely asks for anything.

I Cleanse The Mirror by takadainmate For weirdwednesday. Mid-summer in Colorado and it's been snowing for three weeks. Dean and Sam's investigation turns to survival as they are hunted by an ancient, malevolent creature who seeks nothing other than to take their lives. Especially Cas's.

I Think I’m In Love by downfall35 For obstinatrix. Sam’s always been better at expressing Dean’s feelings for him.

I Thought it was Dust in my Eye by gedry For siennis. Dean and Cas are covered with some mysterious pollen. They don’t know about the consequences until much later.

I Wanna be Famous by quiddative For lady_yashka. Dean knew it was a bad idea to send Cas out into the Big Bad World all by himself—especially on the fucking Ellen DeGeneres Show, Jesus Christ, he was gonna get eaten alive by psycho housewives—but did anyone listen to him? Noooo.

I wanna hold you high and steal your pain by wolfrider89 For talli_approved. Cas was pretty sure he hadn’t done anything to warrant Dean’s rage - he hadn’t scratched the paint on his motorcycle or teased his brother or done any of the millions of things that Dean Winchester got pissed about - but this was the school rebel, the troublemaker, the attitude problem with legs, and he was walking up to Cas. So yeah, Cas was freaking.

If At First You Don’t Succeed, Reach For The Holy Oil by highermagic For nirvana_falling. Sam just wants them to get together. Gabriel wants it to be more of a…spectacle. In the end, though, some of the simplest solutions are everyone’s favorite ‘Plan B’.

In Dreams by tseecka For a dropout. Guardian angels never leave you alone—not even in your dreams. When Dean disappears from his own subconscious, Castiel will follow him to the depths of his mind—and the depths of his despair.

In This Life by Anonymous For a dropout. Dean would do anything to help Castiel live a happy and fulfilling human life, but Cas' ideas about how to do that are eating away at their friendship. When Dean finally comes to terms with why this is, will it be too late to save what they had?

In Triplicate by ladyyueh For peroxidepest17. "Paperwork and Freakouts and Babies, Oh My!"

In which Ruby plays matchmaker, and Dean learns to stop worrying and love the unexpected by clwright2 For a dropout. Sam decides to fix Dean up with Castiel, his girlfriend Ruby’s brother. They’re both loners, they’re both kinda negative, it’ll be perfect! But Castiel has a few secrets of his own, secrets that threaten the happiness of both couples.

Jimmy and Jake (or How Jimmy Novak came to be So Darned Protective of Claire) by bhsbaby For wandersfound. Sometimes not everything Castiel remembers is his own.

The Joy is in the Process by rhymephile For writingpathways. Sam and Dean have never met anyone as unique as Castiel. The kid wearing a trench coat in the middle of summer introduced himself the day they moved in, and all three of them became instant friends. Then Dean and Cas start spending a lot of time together and Sam finds himself excluded. He doesn't blame Dean at first; it must be hard being 15 and never setting down roots long enough to make lasting friendships. But as time goes on and he sees less of Dean and Cas, Sam realizes it's even harder being 11.

Karaoke Night (or How Dean finally Got A Clue and Just Asked the Angel Out Already) by phar_ahkmenrah For mithrel. Team Free Will strikes out on the journey again, joined by their favorite (?) trickster. But when Dean finally gets a clue about his feelings for Cas, he does the only thing he knows how to do: he freaks the f@ck out. It’s up to Sam and Gabriel to get Dean out of his shell, and maybe get Cas to wake up and smell the bacon in the process as well. Of course a Trickster’s gotta play too, right? Silly humans…

Kids in the Riot by prettify For tiptoe39. Did you see the stylish kids in the riot? They set the night on fire.

Kite Songs by ladytelemachus For elementalv. In which Cas seeks internet notoriety with his controversial views on the latest darling of American fiction, and stumbles across something else entirely.

Leaving New York by seraphim_grace For vyrantium. Gifts from god are double edged, to get Castiel forever Dean had to lose Sam.

A Lesson in Friendship by exmanhater For a dropout. In which Dean tries to figure out how a grown man can have a non-apocalypse-centered friendship with an angel, Castiel knows Dean’s priorities and is generally very helpful, and Sam just wishes they’d both get a damn clue.

Letting in the Light by carmexgirl For takhallus. After barely scraping through the first semester at Kansas U, Dean’s determined to change his attitude and try harder, starting with the relationship he has with his elusive roommate Castiel.

Looking for a Run-In by nox_wicked For carmexgirl. In which Dean's the ex-pornstar turned bartender, Castiel is the rich weirdo dressed like Columbo, and Sam's the big fancy Lawyer who brought them together by accident.

The Magic Feather by gedry For vaderina. Cas wants Dean to fly with him. Dean’s so not going to do that.

Mysterious Spot by hrtslkths For tseecka. After Castiel gets blown away in a muffler factory in Van Nuys, Heaven catches up with him. Before punishing Castiel for disobedience, Raphael decides to punish him for his lesser sins of the flesh first.

Neighbors by tiptoe39 For demarcos_btoast. The guy across the hall from Castiel’s new apartment is hot, but taken. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be friends...

Nerd Angels and Geek Brothers by etcetera_kit For blue_flame88. Sam is going to ComiCon and has dragged Dean—and inadvertently Cas—with him. Sometimes, the bar and pay-per-view seem like good options until the convention presents a light amongst the madness.

Nothing Like A Third (To Get The Party Started) by bexi_jade For janie_tangerine. Dean finds 2014!Cas passed out and takes him back to the hotel room. Sly Cas makes a move and convinces Dean (And his past self) to get a little frisky. Sexing and hotness abound lovelies.

On a Wing and a Prayer by gedry For smiley_bandit. Dean’s been given a simple order. Evac the doctor and get out of dodge. Things are never as simple as they seem and one moment of contact with Doctor Castiel Novak is enough to change the course of Dean’s life forever.

The One With The Ankjawhathis by talli_approved For morganoconner. Gabriel and Crowley think it's fairly ridiculous how ignorant Dean and Castiel are. They decide to do them a favor and rectify that.

Open Pages by 1_with_russia For seraphim_grace. Love is a temporary madness. It erupts like an earthquake and then subsides. And when it subsides you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots have become so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part.

Out of Our Nightminds (And Into the Light) by skyblueadvari For chellefic. It’s the freakin’ Apocalypse, but Dean and Cas are dealing with their own struggle – trying to find a good way to let Sam and Bobby in on the fact that they’re sleeping together.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind by tasty_boots For vivhasarifle. They say the two's are terrible, but try being suck in an eight year-old's body at thirty.

Over the Hills and Far Away by seraphwings For blaskjar. The righteous man is missing something, but he can't put his finger on it. Time for a road trip.

Ownership is Optional by gedry For siennis. Dean and Cas involved in a master/slave relationship that gives them both what they need.

Party Like It's 1999 by dachinchilla For hobbleit. Castiel gets hit with a witch's curse and can only speak in "Brit" poetry.

Peace 'til We Meet Again by quiddative For 1_with_russia. Castiel makes the deal Lucifer and Meg offered him in 5.10, though not of his own free will. Dean has to face a Dark!Castiel as well as his own feelings of betrayal.

The Power and the Glory by trinityofone For seraphwings. In which Crowley is embarrassed, Sam’s hair care technique is questioned, Lisa is not to be trifled with, Bobby puts his books to a new purpose, Castiel breaks several interstate kidnapping laws, and Dean is forced to hug a lot of people (but not the one person he wants to).

The Quickest Way to Know an Angel (is to go Shopping with him) by siennis For evil_knitter. ”Dean, I am an Angel of the Lord. I do not need new clothes.”

Remembrance by imisspadfoot21 For kandkl. Today is like every other day, until Dean makes a mistake, getting captured. Now, he lives with the knowledge that he can’t change the past, he can’t escape. When Castiel tags along on a hunt, Dean has to face what he’s become.

Rise by carmexgirl For thunder_nari. Castiel is injured, and Dean opts to take care of him. In the still of the night, Dean realizes that he himself needs comfort, even if only for a short while.

Rocket J. Squirrel by gedry For smiley_bandit. Dean and Sam are carrying on with the family business just like their mother and father had done before them. The animal guides that help them to focus their powers have never been normal but they just didn’t realize how different they were until Dean goes to sleep with his guide and wakes up with a strange blue eyed man.

Row, Row, Row Your Boat by katkaminion For kitty_alex. Everything after the Apocalypse goes by in daze. Then things happen and Dean has no idea what to do and tries to figure out if they're good or a bad things.

Run Yourself into the Ground by wandersfound For hrtslkths. Castiel has never had trouble focusing on his assignments before. Then again, none of his other targets had Dean Winchester for a brother.

Salvation Is Free by vyrantium For bhsbaby. Dean Winchester is a criminal who believes he's beyond redemption. Castiel is a priest who, beyond all else, aims to steer the misguided toward the Lord no matter what the cost. When Dean finds his way to St. Mary's church in a town not too far from his home he can't help but check the place out... what he finds there is surprising, even to him.

Sam is a Genius (Everyone is Dumb) by peroxide_fic For swing_set13. Dean is doing stuff. Castiel is getting stuff done to him. It seems like the only one who understands what “stuff” actually means is Sam. Sometimes it’s hard being the smart one.

Scorched Memory by goth_clark For dauntperplexity. Castiel only knows that he must see Dean.

Set Me On Fire by wildsky_sheri For wolfrider89. Dean decided long ago that amateur heroes are stupid. They always need professionals to rescue them.

Snippets (a look at Dean and Cas through Sam tinted glasses) by vaderina For skyblueadvari. Sam refuses to see what he believes, and then it hits him in the face. Almost literally.

Surrender by whreflections For goth_clark. When the Impala becomes possessed with a spirit, Dean and Castiel are forced to realize that sometimes, there are things you can't avoid.

Side by Side, We Go by writingpathways For anoradh. AU Story. Dean Winchester is in love with his roommate/long-time friend Castiel. Castiel’s been in love with Dean for years, but believes he’ll someday get back together with old flame Lisa and marry her. When Dean and Lisa decide to have Dean adopt Ben, Castiel is sure it’s the beginning of him losing Dean.

Shoe Box by kitty_alex For a dropout. Jimmy and Castiel are twins trying to start their own record label. Dean is the lead singer of the Hunters. When the Rosen twins approach Dean about signing the Hunters, it's like a dream come true for both of them. But, things get complicated when the label, Novak Studios, becomes involved, and Dean finds himself deeper in the music world than he'd like.

Stuck in the Middle With You by blue_flame88 For janekrahe. Sam should have known better than to ask Gabriel, of all people, for help.

A Supernatural Fairytale by anoradh For nianeyna. My take on a Supernatural Fairytale, starring Dean as the handsome prince, Sam as the fairy godmother and Cas as… Well, I think you’ll be able to guess.

TickTock by oatmeal_queen For trinityofone. They were nothing but metal and gears; perfect, fluid, precise and meticulous in design. They did not care, they did not love, they did not need assistance. Not like they used to.

This is the Way That We Love (Like It’s Forever) by nianeyna For a dropout. It was about then that Sam remembered something really important. “Where’s Dean?” “Uh,” Chuck said.

Thoughts of Then and Dreaming of Futures by smiley_bandit For ladytelemachus. Having escaped from imprisonment by Union soldiers, the brothers find themselves reliant on the kindness of two strangers.

Three Blind Mice - A Comedy in Five Acts by viridian_magpie For destial. When Mary Winchester told her son that angels were watching over him, she didn’t ever finish that with ‘waiting to jump your bones, darling.’ It would have made things easier if she had.

Three First Times by castiels_shadow For a dropout. There‘s a first time for everything and Dean Winchester experiences three first times - a first time on a date, a first time pursuing a proper relationship and a first time at parenting. Luckily, all three first times all occur with Castiel.

To Find My Whoever by yeclek For ladyyueh. For the first time since they'd met in the depths of Hell, Castiel could not feel Dean, in any capacity.

To Kiss (or Try) in LA by takhallus For bexi_jade. Dean Winchester is an A-list actor with a crush on the guy from his favourite clothes store. Can he convince Cas that he really likes him? Or is their romance doomed to die a death of rom-com proportions?

Top 40 Nightmare by elementalv For daymarket. Dean comes to the end of You Light Up My Life and decides two things: one, he just sang a goddamn pop ballad from the seventies, so his life is officially over; and two, he’ll have to kill Sam, who just stood there staring while Dean sang his heart out to him and didn’t do a damn thing to stop it.

Us Against the World by etcetera_kit For notragicmercury. Dean and Cas have the life they’ve always dreamed of, so why is Dean seeing cracks around the edges and hearing voices?

Vacaneymoon by demarcos_btoast For imisspadfoot21. After taking some time off, Castiel takes Dean on a whirlwind trip around the world.

The Vessel by chellefic For highermagic. When his vessel goes missing, Castiel turns to Dean for help.

What Matters It, How Far We Go? by janekrahe For rhymephile. Castiel shows Dean was his Heaven looks like. And then Dean takes him there.

When Memory Fails by destial For kyokohitsuji. He's in a hotel room with fake IDs, fake (or stolen) credit cards, guns and knives, lighter fluid and a lighter that's been in a fire hot enough to scorch metal, and he doesn't know who he is.

Where I Come to Rest by altyronsmaker For a dropout. Lisa and Dean have made a tidy little life for themselves. Then Castiel shows up wanting to go back to the way things were before the averted apocalypse. Dean says he wants nothing to do with any of it. He's been there, done that and is over it. But with Cas' return, will he stay with what he has now? Or will he give in to what he's missed?

Where The Road Parts by spacemonkey_699 For liadan14. Bobby said that he was home now. For Dean, it was all he had left.

White Blank Page by liadan14 For hellozombies. In which Chuck dithers, Cas exceeds expectations, Dean’s not talking about it and Sam is just trying not to think about it.

You Never Left, You Only Changed by blaskjar For neon_footprint. Castiel only visits in the mornings. Dean doesn’t know how to adjust, but tries to.

Your String of Lights Is Still Bright to Me by kandkl For blue_fjords. Hiring oddball chef Castiel could be the best or the worst thing Dean’s ever done for his restaurant. It’s hard to tell, but he’s leaning towards the best thing.