Sebastian Monroe

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Name: Sebastian "Bass" Monroe
Occupation: leader, general
previous US Marine sergeant
Title/Rank: Previous President of Monroe Republic
Previous Commanding General of the Monroe Militia
Location: Munroe Republic
Previous United States of America
Status: Alive
Relationships: Miles Matheson (ex-best friend, now enemy), Tom Neville (ex-friend/ally, now enemy), Jeremy Baker (friend/ally, deceased), Rachel Matheson (ex-friend, now enemy), Emma Bennett (love interest, deceased), Gail Monroe (mother, deceased), Angela Monroe (sister, deceased), Cynthia Monroe (sister, deceased)
Fandom: Revolution
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Sebastian "Bass" Monroe is one of the main characters in Revolution.


By the end of season 1, the pairing of Bass and Miles Matheson was the most popular pairing in fandom. Bass was also been paired with Tom Neville, Jeremy Baker, and Danny Matheson for slash fanwork. For het fanwork, Monroe is usually paired with Rachel Matheson or Charlie Matheson.

In season 2, the pairing of Charlie/Bass became more popular, despite some fans disliking this pairing due to the age difference of the actors involved. The pairing eventually rose to become the most popular pairing in this fandom, based on works on Ao3.

A common threesome pairing is Charlie/Bass/Miles.


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  • Poison and Wine by wildirish, Revolution Season 3, Charloe-centric, but will feature other characters. Bass and Charlie set out to find his missing son, and wind up getting swept up in the complicated war against the Patriots.




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