Danny Matheson

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Name: Danny Matheson
Location: Munroe Republic
Previous United States of America
Status: Dead
Relationships: Ben Matheson (father), Rachel Matheson (mother), Charlie Matheson (sister), Maggie Foster (friend), Miles Matheson (uncle),
Fandom: Revolution
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Danny Matheson was one of the main characters for the first part of Season 1 on Revolution.


Introduced in the pilot, Danny gets kidnapped by Tom Neville on behalf of the Monroe Republic due to the fact that his father was killed and wouldn't survive the trip to Philadelphia. This incident drives Charlie, his sister, to find their uncle in Chicago from their father's dying words. On the way to Philadelphia, Danny manages to escape a few times but always got caught again by Tom Neville. Once in Philadelphia, he meets Sebastian "Bass" Monroe and is reunited with his mother, Rachel Matheson. Monroe uses Danny as a way to get Rachel reveal what she knows about the blackout and how to get the lights back on. After Charlie and Miles (and their group) manage to rescue Danny and Rachel from Monroe, they join the neighboring Rebel group in a fight against Monroe's Militia, who now has helicopters and machine guns thanks to Rachel. Despite what his sister and mother want, Danny joins them on the first line of defense.[1] He manages to destroy one of the helicopters, however the guns on it kept firing and hit him - killing him.[2]

In the flashbacks on the show, Danny is usually seen as a toddler or child, or in Rachel's stomach due to her being pregnant with him.


Common Tropes

  • Fixits - to fix his death, and make him alive.


In the fandom, Danny is often paired with Tom Neville, and Sebastian Monroe for slash fanwork. For het fanwork, Danny is usually with a OC.



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