Screw Clark

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Title: Screw Clark
Date(s): 2003
Medium: e-zine
Size: 15 works
Genre: Romance
Fandom: Smallville, Crossovers with DC Comics and X-Men
Language: English
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Screw Clark is a het and femslash e-zine focusing on Chloe Sullivan.

Summary from the publisher

"Tired of watching Chloe Sullivan pine over a side of Kryptonian beef who doesn't deserve her? So got your number. We fired up those laptops and desktops, and sent in our G through NC-17 fic featuring Chloe with everyone but the BDA. We gave Pete a shot! Let Lex engage in some verbal judo! Helped Chad make his move! Gave Wally West a chance to show Chloe that even with super-speed, nice guys finish last... Check out the stories below, which give Chloe a guy (or girl) worthy of her!"


  • Scorched Earth Tactics by mobiusklein, Chloe/Lex. A jealous Clark has problems dealing with the fact that two of his friends have hooked up. Rated NC-17
  • Weight I'm Under by Princess Twilite, Chloe/Lana. Chloe's falling, once more. Rated PG-13
  • Hero Complex by Princess Twilite. Chloe/Pete. "You don't know me as well as you like to think you do, Chloe Sullivan..." Rated NC-17
  • Next To You by käthe, Chloe/Lex. "I just can't help myself being next to you." Rated G
  • Sparks by Amy, Chloe/John (Pyro). While all alone in a movie theater, Chloe makes an unexpected friend. Rated PG
  • The Warmth by Amy, Chloe/John (Pyro). After meeting John in a movie theater, Chloe agrees to go out with him. Both have some trust issues to overcome in order to make it work. Rated PG
  • Newtonian Physics by shipperchick, Chloe/Lex. Lex helps Chloe out of a rut. With physics. Rated NC-17
  • Let Go by Andariel, Chloe/Lex. Chloe doesn't want Lex to hold on. She wants him to let go. Rated NC-17
  • Said The Schoolgirl To The Pimp by Maveness, Chloe/Pete. Set "Exodus." Sometimes lame small town ideas can turn out pretty good. Rated NC-17
  • One Stone by Minnie-May, Chloe/Lex. "So Ms. Sullivan the question on my mind is this; why do interviews with you tend to end in murder and mayhem?" Rated PG-13
  • Damn Adorable: Extended by M. Edison. Chloe/Scott Summers The story of Scott and Chloe Summers' first meeting. Rated PG
  • Fascinating New Thing by MollyTM, Chloe/Lucas. The black sheep of the Luthor family meets his match in everyone's favorite reporter. Rated PG-13
  • The Lost Summer by Hope and Wendi, Chloe/Pete/Lana/Surprise (M)/Lex/Chloe/Wally. Chloe and Wally trade body shots and the dirty little details of Chloe's lost summer. Rated NC-17
  • One Night At The Metropolitan by Tara O'Shea, Chloe/Chad. Chad finally makes his move. Rated R
  • The Interview by eep, Chloe/Lucas. Set during "Prodigal," Chloe learns about Lucas Luthor and decides it's the interview opportunity of a lifetime. Only she gets more than she expected. Rated PG