Sally Jackson

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Name: Sally Jackson(Blofis)
Occupation: writer, mother
Relationships: James Jackson(father)
Laura Jackson(mother)
Richard Jackson(uncle)
Gabe Ugliano (ex-husband)
Paul Blofis(husband)
Percy Jackson(son)
Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Heroes of Olympus
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Sally Jackson is the mother of Percy Jackson, and former lover of Poseidon, first introduced in “The Lightning Thief.” She was originally married to Gabe Ugliano, until she used the head of Medusa to turn him to stone; selling statue to pay her way through college. It was at college where she met her current husband, Paul Blofis, Percy’s former English teacher at Goode High School. At the beginning of “The Hidden Oracle,” Percy mentions that Sally and Paul are now expecting a baby girl.



Sally was able to recognize Poseidon as a god because she could see through the mist and told Percy that his father was “lost at sea.”

Paul Blofis:

Sally’s current husband who she met at a writing seminar.

Gabe Ugliano:

Sally’s terrible, abusive ex husband, who, according to Percy, smelled like “moldy garlic pizza wrapped in gym shorts.”

Percy Jackson:

Percy is Sally’s only son, therefore, worries very much when Percy is away at summer camp and fighting monsters.

Fan Fiction

The Life and Times of Sally Jackson by missleopard, This is the story of what really happened between Sally and Poseidon. Welcome to the life and times of Sally Jackson. (2012)

Sally’s Son by QueenCaspianX, A series of one-shots revolving around Sally's life raising Percy. (2013)

Sally Jackson’s Home for Wayward Demigods by la Belle Luna Claire, After the war with Gaea is finally over, Percy isn't the only demigod to move back into Sally Jackson's house. (2013)

Sally’s Party by ThinIceQueen, Sally has a celebratory party for the publishing of her new book and invites all of her adult people friends and their children for a small party-thing. Sally lets Percy invite all of his Camp-Half Blood friends. Because they are half gods, they obviously look good, so these are reactions from the adults and teens at the party when they meet Percy and all of his friends. (2013)

Fan Art

Sally Jackson and Poseidon (PJOShipweeks) by meabhdeloughry (2014)

Sally Jackson Sketch by Emmanuel-Oquendo (2014)

Sally and Paul by Ski-Machine (2013)

Sally and Percy by nicodiandelo555 (2014)


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