Paul Blofis

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Name: Paul Blofis
Occupation: English teacher
Relationships: Sally Jackson(wife)
Percy Jackson(stepson)
Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians
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Paul Blofis, first making his appearance in “The Titan’s Curse,” is the step-father of Percy Jackson and friend-turned-husband of Sally Jackson, Percy’s mother. He is also an English teacher at Goode High School, a former school of Percy’s. He was also mistaken as Paul Blowfish by Percy’s biological father, Poseidon. It is also revealed in the first book in the spin off series, “The Trials of Apollo, “The Hidden Oracle,” that Paul and Sally are expecting a baby girl.


Sally Jackson:

Paul and Sally met in a writing seminar and became friends, eventually starting a romantic relationship. After Paul asks for Percy’s permission in “The Battle of the Labyrinth,” Paul marries Sally, and eventually expect a child.

Percy Jackson:

Paul is the loving step-father of Percy, who worries when Percy is gone.

Fan Fiction

Life as Paul Blofis by peacelight, This is a story about Paul's life for example meeting Percy to learning about Sally and Poseidon relationship or learning the truth about Percy as well as his reunion with Percy after the Son of Neptune. (2012)

Paul by Weezila, Paul is not an overly dramatic guy. Well, at least not until he started dating Sally Jackson, and life got a lot less boring and a whole lot more complicated, to say the least. Still, the greatest surprise of his lifetime is yet to come. (2012)

Dinner Conversations by Iheartbd’s, Several days after the war, the Blofis/Jackson family is finally coming together for a normal meal- or as normal as a meal can be when your step-son is a demigod.(2012)

Fan Art

It All Worked Out in the End by eda1102 (2014)


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