Sakura and Snow

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Title: Sakura and Snow
Author(s): Natalie Baan (Firecat)
Date(s): November 1996 - November 2009
Length: ~238,000 words
Fandom: X/1999 / Tokyo Babylon
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Sakura and Snow is a yaoi fanfiction written bei Natalie Baan and set in the X/Tokyo Babylon universe. Its main pairing is Seishirou x Subaru. It took 13 years for the story to be finished.[1] Sakura and Snow is written from the POV of Seishirou.


Subaru decides it is time for him to die. Seishirou disagrees. This is the starting point for a battle that takes place mostly within the mind. Seishirou takes Subaru in, out of a whim, really. He is constantly balancing the fine edge of indifference, curiosity and something he can't quite identify. Although he is good at identifying emotional states, at least when it comes to other people.

The author writes in a summary:
"Sakura and Snow" is a fanfic set in the "X" / "Tokyo Babylon" universe created by CLAMP, and it's my own personal answer to the question of how to resolve Subaru Sumeragi and Seishirou Sakurazuka's longtime conflict.[2]


Sakura and Snow is considered by many fans as one of the very few stories that managed to achieve the almost impossible task of bringing Seishirou and Subaru together in a relatively peaceful way without resorting to OOC.
Sakura and Snow was one of the first X/TB fics I'd ever come across and I knew right away that it was good. But, for some reason, I just couldn't get into it. The prose was beautiful (which is always especially befitting a CLAMP-based fanfic) and the characterization perfect. I think it was tough for me at first because I didn't have a very strong grasp of who the characters were. It was difficult for me to make my way through the imagery of the writing and grasp the subtlties and references. So, I don't recommend this fic as one to jump into as a newbie, save it for when you're more well-versed with the characters. And when you are... this is a stunning read. It accomplishes the nigh-impossible: Seishirou and Subaru carving out a space where they can be together and at peace.[3]
Points of criticism state a lack of aim due to the length and pace of the story.
It kind of goes on without any real aim, though, after Seishirou makes the real, final decision that Subaru can stay. Though I enjoyed reading, I lost sight of where it was going overall. Most likely til the final day, but the sheer length and domesticity of it combined with the sex is a bit distracting.[4]
During the release of the first chapters, Sakura and Snow quickly drew in many readers. A good part of the available fanfiction centering around the complex relationship of Seishirou and Subaru tended to fall into two categories: dark and daunting visions, often containing character torture and/or death, and stories that decided to dismiss IC in favour of humor, crack or AUs. Sakura and Snow did neither. While it leaves the path of canon after book ten of the manga series[5], Subaru and Seishirou stay true to their character. Considering that one killed the sister of the other, tortured him emotionally and physically and has, by regular standards, severe emotional deficits, it was quite the cornerstone in SeixSub fanfiction to make this pairing happening nevertheless.
Seishirou and Subaru's characters - especially Seishirou's - were developed throughout this fic in a manner that is rare for an X fanfic, and it was refreshing to see.[6]
In particular I loved watching Seishirou's evolution and transformation. It must have been hard to work with a character like that, and make his change into someone capable of feeling seem so natural and unforced. But you made it look easy.[7]
When, after a hiatus and 13 years since the publication of the first chapter, the author announced the story to be finished, it felt like "the end of an era", "a titanic feat by any stretch of the imagination" and "definitely worth the wait"[8], even though the ending came as a shock to some.


According to the author, Sakura and Snow has been translated into Chinese and Spanish.[9]


Sakura and Snow has won the following Awards[10]:

  • Aestheticism Fanfic Competition 2 Best NC-17
  • The CLAMP Fanfiction Awards 2000 Best X/1999 Fanfic - First Place
  • The CLAMP Fanfiction Awards 2000 Best Drama Fanfiction - First Place
  • The CLAMP Fanfiction Awards 2000 Best Continuing Fanfiction - First Place


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