Saga of a Star World

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Title: Saga of a Star World
Publisher: The Thirteenth Tribe
Editor(s): Linda Hepden, 'Hilary,' Lesley Sapsford
Date(s): 1984-?
Series?: Battlestar Galactica
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica (1978)
Language: English
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Saga of a Star World is a gen anthology with at least seven issues. Around half of the contributions to the various issues were published under character aliases.

Issue 1

Saga of a Star World 1 was published in May, 1983. Editrix was Linda F. Hepden. The issue had 52 pages, with a front cover and blank inside covers (and back cover).

Contents of the issue were:

  • The New Recruits by Essie
  • Survivor by A.S. Lawrence
  • Starbuck (a poem) by Paul A. Pearson
  • A Walk in the Dark by Sue Goddard
  • Aftermath by Paul A. Pearson
  • The Return of... (a poem) by Essie
  • Martin by Hilary Broadribb
  • Logic Problem: Cargo Carriers by Linda F. Hepden
  • A World Without Hope by Anaïs
  • Logic Problem: Scorpio Sports by Linda F. Hepden
  • Dr. Andromeda's Letters by Amada Hill
  • The Truth by Carole S. Fairman
  • There's No Place Like Home by Anaïs

Other features were the editorial (Hepden) and the answers to the logic problems (ditto).

Artwork was provided by Julie Sarll & Linda F. Hepden (the cover), Jackie Avery and Sandie Stronach.

Issue 2

Saga of a Star World 2 was published in June 1984. Editrix was "Hilary." Content was 53 pages + the front cover (inside cover was blank).

  • Genesis by Anaïs
  • Aftermath of Ambrosa by J.A. Mortimore
  • Serina by W. Grice
  • Fantasy by Anaïs
  • Fate by Susan Goddard
  • Sagitarian Soliloquy by Cassandra
  • Starchild by W. Grice
  • A Warrior's Life by Mick Cogge
  • Colonial Lullabye by W. Grice
  • The Thirteenth Tribe by Lynda Morrison
  • Glamour, Excitement and Romance? by Lynn Campion
  • Night Thoughts by W. Grice
  • A Spirited Evening by Heather Bradshaw
  • Battlestar Galactica Word Search compiled by Jizelle
  • Recriminations by Cassandra
  • Starbuck's Song by W. Grice
  • A Much-Needed Furlon by Jenny Brading Palmer
  • An Answered Prayer by W. Grice
  • The Word Was... by Essie
  • The Dance of Kobol by J.A. Mortimore
  • Unicorn by W. Grice
  • Let's Go Home by Anaïs
  • The Luck of the Draw by Sola Starshine
  • Eulogy by W. Grice
  • "So How in Hades...?" by Cassandra
  • Logic Problem: Wear and Tear compiled by Crazy Charlie
  • In the Shadowlands by Anaïs
  • Only Time Will Tell by Lynn Campion
  • Searching for a Home by Sola Starshine
  • Reflection by W. Grice

Artwork was provided by Anaïs (the front cover), Annette Johnstone and Leysa. Editorial material, puzzle answers and zine and club ads made up the balance of the material.

Issue 3

Saga of a Star World 3 was published in April 1985. Editrices were Linda Hepden and 'Hilary.' Content was 63 pages + the front cover (blank inside front and outside back covers).

Cover of issue #3
  • After the Ball by Judy Wrighton
  • A Lover's Prayer by Wendy Grice
  • A Ladder on the Bridge of the Atlantia by Rashel K. Taylor
  • Lament for Caprica by Pythia
  • Ship of Legends by Sally Jones
  • The Gambler by Anaïs
  • If You Can Find Them... by Gillespie
  • A Father's Thoughts by Wendy Grice
  • Consequences by Cassandra
  • A Mother's Story by Judy Wrighton
  • Vignon has something to say for itself, too! by Scaifsal
  • The Moment by Pythia
  • When the gods walked in Tammuz by A.S. Lawrence
  • In Memory of Zac by Heather Bradshaw
  • Lucky Furlon by Susan J. King
  • Pre-Flight Check by The Countess
  • In the Spring by Wendy Grice
  • Testament of Love by Judy Wrighton
  • Gemonese Lullabye by Anaïs
  • A Matter of Trust by Cassandra
  • Cold blows the Wind...Psyche
  • For the Fallen by Anaïs
  • Mirrors by Wendy Grice

Editorial material was by Linda Hepden and 'Hilary.'

Artwork was provided by David A. Harrison (the front cover), Wendy Ward and Medes.

Issue 4

Saga of a Star World 4 contains 62 pages and was published in June 1986.

cover of issue #4

Issue 5

Saga of a Star World 5 was published in March 1987. Editrix was Lesley Sapsford. Pagecount was 69 pages + front cover (blank inside front and back covers).

Stories in this issue were:

  • Aftermath of Destruction by Judy Wrighton
  • Vigil by Heather Petty
  • The Chance by Jizelle
  • As through a glass darkly by A.S. Lawrence
  • Deja vu by Jizelle
  • The Last Dream by Celesia
  • Acheron's Bounty by Scaifsal
  • The Immediate Problem by F.R. Reddy
  • In too deep by Lysistrata
  • Brothers of Earth (a poem) by Psyche
  • One Small Slip by Judy Wrighton
  • A Warrior's Memories (a poem) by Celesia
  • Routine Interlude by Pythia
  • Memento Mori (a poem) by Psyche

Editorial and Fanzines/Clubs ads made up the rest of the issue.

Artwork was provided by Anaïs (the front cover).

Issue 6

Saga of a Star World 6 was published in 1988 and contains 60 pages.

cover of issue #6
  • The Star of Scorpia, fiction by Andromeda (3)
  • Viper (illustration) by Torner (13)
  • Our Brothers Out There..., fiction by Scaifsal (14)
  • Between the Lines, fiction by Susan Skeen (18)
  • Starbuck and Cassiopeia (illustration) by Torner (27)
  • An Unsung Hero, fiction by Rowena Sayer (28)
  • The Birthday Present, fiction by Synda Surgenor (30)
  • Apollo (illustration) by Wendy Ward (41)
  • Boomer's Patrol, fiction by Sharon Monroe (42)
  • Boomer and Boxey (illustration) by Torner (49)
  • Father and Son, fiction by A.S. Lawrence (50)
  • Dreams (poem) by Andromeda (55)
  • Acceptance, fiction by Charlotte Sturley (56)
  • To Tomorrow (poem) by Psyche (58)
  • Starbuck (illustration) by Polyxena (59)

Issue 7

Saga of a Star World 7 contains 64 pages.

  • unknown content