Sacrifice of Self

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Title: Sacrifice of Self
Author(s): Marlon
Date(s): 1995
Genre: slash
Fandom: Blake's 7
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Sacrifice of Self is a Blake/Avon Blake's 7 story by Marlon. It was printed in the zine Love and Sacrifice.

Reactions and Reviews

This is the one where I think Nova (who I think is great) (obviously) gets it the most wrong while still getting it right.[1] If that makes sense. Nothing she says is wrong per say, but she's pulled different threads to the surface than I would have done. I don't find Avon out of character for a start, certainly not enough that I'd flag it up - if anything I'd say that it's a bit of a shame Blake is so tired, but this is an AU of series 4 i.e. after Star One, and other fics have sold me on Blake seeing the desolation and feeling really sad. So - I'll believe that.

The actual AU stuff about loads and loads Muller!androids taking over the galaxy is quite interesting, though a) described in very purple prose - of this, much more below and b) unresolved. Avon rescues Blake to help fight the robots and then there's a bit that says 'continued in Atonement for the Past' - a fic that does not seem to exist anywhere. So, we never get to see them fighting the robots.

The bit where Soolin sacrifices herself partly because she likes Avon and mostly because the robots would use him to help them make more robots is really well done. I do wish that Dayna was not absent because, with Soolin's death already hanging over us and Tarrant and Vila clearly around and hanging out with Avon, it does feel like a 'no women' sort of slash fic... but never mind. That's not what I would say about this fic if I had to pick one thing to say about it.

What I would say about it is that it has the most purple and epithet-filled descriptions of sex that I have ever had the privilege of reading. B and A refer to each other as the other's 'mate' several times, and the word its (meaning belong to it) is spelt 'it's' over and over again. I read the entire fic in fascination. Here are some special chosen quotations for you. These are amongst the worst bits, but you should not believe they are isolated. It's 20 or so pages of sex (after 10 pages of killer robots, and 5-10 pages of Avon living in Blake's hut and watching him chop wood).

"Pure animal delight was apparent in Blake's face, as Avon continued his manipulation. But the tech's gaze quickly fell to where his hand played out it's dance. The cock nestled in his firm clasp was large - much broader and longer than his own and, to his delight, un-cut. The large, fleshy head peered damply from the protective foreskin."

"Working his hand from between their meshed bodies, he grasped the jutting rod at the base and, for the first time, suckled the weeping tip of his man's cock./Instantly addictive joy pulsed through him as the simple act of sucking caused Blake to cry out hoarsely, the vibrations traveling through his cock and along the line from his groin giving trembling evidence of his pleasure. Taking the sensitive head more deeply into his mouth, he used his tongue to trace the ridge formed by the retracted skin, skimming and swirling again and again over the mushroom of flesh that it so valiantly protected. The hard sucking sensation being applied to his penis, urged him to take more of the rampant cock into his mouth and imitate the man who controlled him so sensually."

"Avon could feel the pulsing begin in his own tight sack which signaled the beginning of the rapturous journey which would carry him sharply towards orgasm - releasing his essence in energetic waves. In an effort [sic] double his pleasure, he concentrated all his might on Blake's cock - hoping to tempt his mate into accompanying him on this sensual journey/Achingly close, he let out a roar of frustration when the cock he'd been pleasuring was withdrawn and his own engorged manhood was released from the wet sanctuary which had so lovingly held it. Out of control, his first thought was to throw his torturer onto the bed and make him complete the cycle which he had begun. Half rising from the bed, he reached out to grapple with his loving assailant, but was pressed onto the bedding by a warm, hard weight."

Everything above was from the same sex scene.

"Avon could still feel the hard erection nestled in his arse and it gave him impetus as his hand combined with Blake's to bring about his release. The highly sensitized tip of Avon's cock needed only a brushing of his lover's blunt finger across the weeping slit for the meteoric rise to reach it's zenith, his own cries of passion rang forth in echo of his lovers' refrain. The deep well of cum burst from his cock, spraying it's thick, ropy jism across his chest and bathing their joined hands in a hot flow of liquid passion. Avon was persuaded it would never end when with a final spurt, he completed his overwhelming offering of love and desire."

"Without haste, Blake continued to savor the kiss, gently touching and stroking his mate's tongue, following as it retreated only to resume their loveplay in the haven of his mate's mouth. A small moan escaped his pressed lips, but it was not one of urgent lust, but of complete satiation. If life should cease for him suddenly, the memory of this gentle mating would follow him into eternity."

As I say - it was compelling. And I cannot believe that even the otherwise incomparable and brilliant Nova (who was responsible for some brilliant expressions like 'ribbons of semen' or whatever) could read 20 or so pages of this and not come away thinking the prose was the number one thing to say about this fic.[2]


  1. ^ refers to an earlier review by Nova, see Love and Sacrifice
  2. ^ from Aralias at her journal; Archive, posted October 18, 2014