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Name: SPN Horror Minibang
Date(s): 2016
Moderator(s): alethiometry, indiachick, steeplechasers
Type: Big Bang - fanfiction, fanart
Fandom: Supernatural
URL: https://spnhorrorbang.livejournal.com/; archive link
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SPN Horror Minibang was a mini-bang challenge in Supernatural fandom, where all the stories were horror focused. Writers had to write a minimum of 3000 words, and artists had to create a minimum of one piece.


Title: Conversations With The Dead
Pairings: Gen
Word Count: 29,534
Warnings: harm of children, self harm, body horror, language, mental health issues, language
Summary: Sometimes, a parent might tuck in their child at night and find an empty bed in the morning. In 1996, Sam Winchester vanished in an empty room. He reappeared two months later with missing hair, bruises and vacant eyes. By 2000, Dean Winchester is a hunter in his own right. He travels to Minnesota where his brother now lives with Pastor Jim, a long-time friend of their father's. The thing is, John Winchester recently went into the house that ruined his youngest son and he never came back out. Thing is, Sam is the only person who knows what's in the house. Thing is, Sam Winchester hasn't spoken in four years.

Title: Itch
Author: DarkHeartInTheSky
Artists: howboutnovak and kuwlshadow
Pairings: Implied Destiel
Warnings: Graphic self-harm, mental instability
Summary: When an angel leaves a vessel, a bit of their grace is left behind. Castiel has Lucifer's grace inside him. He has to get it out.

Title: John Dies at the End
Writer: kalliel
Artist: quickreaver
Genre: gen, angst, horror/thriller, S2 AU (John lives)
Characters: Sam (POV), John, Dean, Gordon Walker, Jo & Ellen Harvelle, Pamela Barnes, Nora Havelock (the witch from 7x15 "Repo Man"), Bobby
Rating: R
Word Count: ~16,600
Notes: Most profuse thanks to caranfindel and amberdreams for their thoughtful beta-reading!
Summary: If John can't save Sam, then he's going to have to kill him—and Sam, with the dubious gift of demonic foresight, already knows which road John's chosen. Dean, though? Dean's the swing vote.

Title: Read the Fine Print
Author: all_the_damned
Pairings: Jared/JDM, J2
Rating: R
Word Count: 4K +
Warnings: domestic discipline, blow job of dubious consent, debt slavery, humiliation, spanking, medical procedures, mob mentality, mild gore, drug use, mad scientist AU Summary: Jeff's pretty new admin is a lot more competent that the usual. It's too bad that Jeff isn't interested in his typing.

Title: Look Back in Wrath
Author: theymp
Artist: milly_gal
Pairings: n/a
Rating: T / 15
Word count: ~7K
Warnings: Memories of abuses suffered in Hell. Thoughts of self-harm and torture.
Summary: A death so violent and horrifying that it echoes back in time. How do you salt and burn a vengeful spirit when it's you that's haunting yourself? Canon divergent. Time travel. Set in the bunker, approximately season 9 and referencing events in later seasons.

Title: Shelter
Author: alx_diamond
Artist: defiler_wyrm
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Wordcount: 10,193
Summary: After a human Cas spends a week on his own in the cold streets of Colorado, Dean regrets kicking him out and tracks him down. He brings Cas back to the bunker, and with Sam and Ezekiel out of town on research about Heaven, they have a lot of time alone to help Cas come to terms with his humanity. Their friendship slips into something more, and everything would be idyllic if not for Cas's constant nightmares, and the inexplicable, aching pain that keeps spreading further and further across his body.

Title: The Man in the Suit
Author: kattrip033
Artist(s): chomaisky
Pairing(s): Sam/Dean (one-sided or mutual, depending on how you want to read things), Dean/Crowley
Wordcount: 6329
Warnings: Graphic depictions of violence, rape/non-con, and incest/implied incest
Summary: Sam isn't sure what's wrong with him. Nothing makes sense any longer. His world is filled with blackouts, blood, too many Dean's for him to keep track of, and the (usually) disembodied voice of the strange man in the black suit that is he never sure if he is friend or foe.

Title: Someone You Know
Author: JiniZ
Artis: Octopifer
Genre: Horror/Thriller
Pairings: Castiel Novak/Dean Winchester
Wordcount: 19,494
Warnings: murder, blood play, explicit content, canonical character death, BDSM, not safe, sane, and consentual
Summary: Detective Dean Winchester and his partner are tracking down a serial killer the papers have taken to calling The Butcher. What he doesn't realize is that The Butcher is closer to him than he thinks. Psychic Pamela Barnes was given a gift she didn't ask for. Flashes of pain and suffering tell her that The Butcher has struck again. She needs to find Dean to tell him what she knows. Will she get to Dean before The Butcher gets to her? Castiel Novak is excellent at what he does. Oh, not the police work he does with Dean. That's his side gig. You see, Detective Castiel Novak is The Butcher, and he can hardly wait to see the look on his partner, and lover's, face when he realizes it.

Title: Tear Me Up (Break Me Down)
Author: samanddeaninpanties
Artist(s): albinococonut23 emmatheslayer
Pairing(s): Dean/Benny, implied Sam/Benny
Word Count: 5,090
Warnings: Kidnapping, psychological torture, torture, rape, Stockholm Syndrome, blood drinking, blood slave!Dean, forced nudity, head shaving, sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation, near starvation, touch starvation, isolation, character turned into a vampire, blood as lube.
Summary: When Dean returns from Purgatory the first thing he does is resurrect Benny. He thinks he's bringing back a friend, but what he really does is open the door to kidnapping and becoming a blood slave. Dean is completely isolated from the outside world and little by little he breaks as his many prayers go unanswered.

Title: the face at the end of the hall
Author: museaway
Artists: grandpamisha and howboutnovak (thelastvietgirl)
Genre: Future fic, psychological horror
Pairing/Characters: Dean/Cas (established relationship; Cas doesn't appear on-page); Sam
Wordcount: 3.6k
Warnings: Major character death (off page), mild gore, hospitalization
Summary: Dean is haunted by the accident that put Sam into long-term care, but today he's visiting with good news: as soon as he and Cas get the new house fixed up, they're bringing him home.

Title: Horse Skull
Author: story_monger
Artist: ideare
Genre: Case fic, canon 'verse
Characters: Jo, Ellen, Bobby
Wordcount: ~12.5k
Warnings: Creepy descriptions and images; some physical injury though nothing worse than what we've seen in the show; mild body horror
Summary: People have gone missing in a vast park in southern Texas, which is exactly the sort of thing people like Ellen and Jo are supposed to investigate. If the cause of the disappearances were anything as straightforward as ghosts or monsters, it's the sort of thing Ellen and Jo would have cleaned up within a week. But all they have to work with is a sluggish town and rolling, quiet desert. That, and a canyon where everything keeps slipping further and further away from what should be familiar. Case fic. Set sometime after S2, after the Roadhouse has burnt down and Ellen and Jo are hunting together.

Title: Come lay bones on the alabaster stones
Author: caranfindel
Artist: stormbrite
Genre: Horror, gen
Pairings: None
Wordcount: 11700
Warnings: Torture
Summary: A season 7 AU that takes place after Sam gets his memories of Hell back. At night, Sam dreams of being tortured in Hell. During the day, his dreams start coming true, except they're happening to other people.

Title Careful What You Wish For
Author annie46
Artist(s) lennelle
Characters Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Jodie Mills
Warnings Major Character Death
Summary A magic Monkey’s Paw that grants wishes – yeah right. Dean has seen this sort of thing a hundred times before. First time he tries it is's for a joke; the next time he's serious, but can it really bring someone Dean loves back from the dead? (A Supernatural take on the old tale of the Monkey’s Paw).

Title: My Head on the Hood of Your Car
Author: glovered
Artist: amberdreams
Genre: Mystery
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Wordcount: ~30k
Rating: R
Warnings: Murder, dubcon, amnesia
Summary: Dean has been dead for two years, and Sam's life has ground to a halt in Detroit. Or is it just beginning? Sam has friends, a job, and a new lease on life. So it seems only fitting that a strange sort of hell wearing his brother's face would find him there.

Title: Mr Cellophane
Author: jj1564
Artist: softgrungefic
Genre: case fic, set in S6, written for the spnhorrorbang
Characters: Dean, Sam, Bobby, original characters
Wordcount: 7430
Warnings: Kidnapping, torture, suffocation, nasty use of Saran wrap (cling-film), hurt!Dean.
Summary: Dean has a bad feeling about a case, and seems to be the only person who sees a potential suspect.