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Name: RubyNye
Type: fanwriter
Fandoms: Mary Renault
LOTR (mostly hobbits and hobbit/Man interspecies), LOTR RPS, DC Comics, Heroes, NuWho/Torchwood, Bujold's Vorkosiverse, NUMB3RS, Star Trek (2009), X-Men: First Class, The Hobbit, MCU, White Collar
URL: rubynye at AO3
rubynye at LiveJournal
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RubyNye is a fan writer well known for her advocacy of female and minority characters.

I really love the Minoans of Ancient Crete and am prone to writing AUs set there. Also I love fan art, podfics, and other responses to / reinventions of my works. Please consider yourself to have blanket permission to make these. Just let me know![1]


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