Roswell Ate My Soul

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Forum · Message Board
Name: Roswell Ate My Soul
Date(s): sometime in 2000 - ??
Type: Roswell spoilers, Max/Liz discussions
Fandom: Roswell
Scope: Max/Liz
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Roswell Ate My Soul, also known as RAMS, was a Max/Liz message board created.

Due to FanForum's censorship following the spoiling of Roswell's episode The End of the World[1], an episode that changed the dynamics of the Max/Liz relationship the forum was created as an alternative to FanForum. It encouraged uncensored speech and it's accurate spoilers, which came from actual script pages. Hercules of Aint it Cool News and E!'s spoiler chats, often used RAMS as a source[2].


  1. Roswell Season 2 Episode 5 "The End of the World" - A future version of Max comes back to present to tell Liz to break up things off with Max
  2. Roswell kerfluffles page at FanHistory