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Name: RoseScorpius Fans Forum
Moderators/List Maintainers: Alice (watching stiricide), Vicky (vicky199416/incandescent dreams), Louise (downstage), Rae (turnthepageoftime)
Fandom: Harry Potter
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The RoseScorpius fans forum is situated on, and is described as ' a haven for all who ship the next-generation pairing RoseScorpius, and an Internet home for its members.'[1] by the creator, watching stiricide, who goes by the name of Alice. There are four moderators for the forum Alice (watching stiricide) [1], Vicky (vicky199416/incandescent dreams) [2], Louise (downstage) [3] and Rae (turnthepageoftime) [4]. There are also two 'mod-sistants' - Maddie (overstreets) [5] and Cassie (a color will be perched) [6]

The forum is to celebrate the Harry Potter next generation pairing RoseScorpius, although in the chat corners, the pairing is rarely discussed, members choosing to talk about topics such as The Hunger Games, Glee, and whatever they are currently obsessing over.

The Chat Corners

The Chat Corners are where the majority of the insanity goes on, and members of the forum are able to talk to each other about anything they wish, and are able to get to know each other better. The forum are currently on their 15th Corner, each corner ending at 5,000 posts, as that used to be the limit of posts in each thread. Although the post limit has now risen to 100,000 posts, the forum as a whole decided to carry on finishing corners at 5,000 posts, for sanity's sake, and even for a little bit of nostalgia. Corners are fast moving, and usually take between 16 - 18 days to finish, although the first corner took just under four months. Recently, corners have been taking a little under a week, due to the summer holidays and an increase in membership.


The forum has a lot of very tight friendships, although it doesn't take long for newbies to settle in and feel at home. Naturally, we have surveyed every single newbie to make sure that they feel totally at home so that we can arrive at this conclusion.


Ship wars are sometimes found at the forum, whether people are arguing over their Harry Potter ships, or even ships for other fandoms, such as The Hunger Games or Glee - two fandoms that are very popular at R/S Fans. Within the forum, members are also shipped with each other, and there are sometimes even proposals taking place. The four forum couples are Sivvi, - Summer&Livvi- Mamy, -Middy&Amy- "Drizzie" - Drew&Izzie - and :Kooky" - Kim&Booky- all of which consider themselves engaged, and refer to their 'other half' as their fiancé.


On the Chat Corners, language is quite informal, often members of the forum jokingly insulting each other. Capital letters are often forgone for style, or simply because members of the forum are typing quickly, because the Corners are hard to keep up with if you're not fast and on your toes, although exceptions occur at different times of day. Some members do always use proper grammar, and certainly spelling mistakes are discouraged, although if they are made accidentally and infrequently, it is assumed that nobody would mind.


Welcome! How may I help you? - the introductions thread, where newbies must introduce themselves.

The Scorrosian Census - a list of the members of the forum, keeping track of them all.

Forum Competition - the forum competition, where members can earn points for a variety of threads, and get prizes if they have the most points by august.

The Corner - the chat thread, with different names each time, chosen by the member who makes it. As of now, we've had fifteen, namely the Randomness Corner (by Alice), the Hyper Amazing Stalker Corner (by Vicky), the CAPSLOCK CORNER (by Louise), the "We Love Finnick Odair" Corner (by Maddie), the Benedict Cumberbatch Appreciation Corner (by Livvi), the "Here Comes the Sun" Corner (by Cassie/Lucia/Ducky), the Wonderland Corner (by Rae), the Lethorb/Brothel Corner (by Summer), the Coolest Girls' Corner (by Middy/Elsie/Rose), THE CORNER THAT MUST NOT BE NAMED (by Amy), the HOW CAN AMELIE THE ICE QUEEN BE IN LOVE WITH BOTH SAM AND OLIVER? Corner (by Vicky again), the It's a Small World After All Corner (by Izzie), the "Time of My Life" Corner (by Isha), the Flawless Corner (by Lucy), and most recently, the lowercase corner (by Drew).

2011 - 2012 ROSESCORPIUS AWARDS! - an oscar style competition, where you can nominate your favourite rosescorpius fics for different categories. you don't have to be a member of the forum to nominate.

Birthday Presents - a thread for members to write down their birthday and favourite ships, and receive fics on their birthday.

The Prompt of the Day - a thread where lovely prompts are given out to help members write stories and win points for the forum competition.

PM Corner - a slightly more angsty thread, where if members are feeling down or angry, and need to rant or talk to someone, they can ask to PM someone about it.

Various prompts and challenge threads, along with discussion threads about RoseScorpius, or forum related topics.

Closing Words

The RoseScorpius forum is an incredibly welcoming place, and always love new members. RoseScorpius doesn't have to be your OTP, all you have to do to join is to like RoseScorpius, and then anyone can come on in and join the wonderful forum.


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