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You may be looking for The Romulan Commander (female), a popular character in Star Trek.

K/S Fanfiction
Title: Romulan Woman
Author(s): Gena Moretti
Date(s): 1991
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Romulan Woman is a Kirk/Spock story by Gena Moretti.

It was published in the print zine Way of the Warrior #4.


"Kirk and Spock have been bonded for two years when Spock receives a message from the Romulan commander that she wishes to see him and Kirk."

Reactions and Reviews

I like the author's interpretation of the original series dialogue and Kirk's very Human reaction to Spock's seduction of the Romulan Commander. However, I'm one of those who believe she got severely punished for losing the cloaking device. It should have taken Kirk longer to be forgiven then. [1]
The first section of this story was my favorite part. It successfully re-created the mood of the episode with the Romulan Commander. Most of Spock's thoughts were appropriate for the dialogue. It seeaed the K/S part was a bit frivolous -- or maybe that's just the way I interpreted the use of the unusual amount of exclamation marks. In most cases, I didn't feel such punctuation appropriate, especially when they popped up in Spock's thoughts and dialogue. In my mind, he just doesn't talk/think like that. The third part -- concerning the child -- was a neat idea, though the dramatic possibilities were lessened by all the characters being too nice and agreeable about everything. I also found it odd that all three adults spoke about the 3yo child as though he wasn't present, when he was old enough to surely understand some of the things that were being said. I did like the idea of the Commander asking such a personal sacrifice, though I couldn't quite believe how Kirk and Spock had everything so quickly figured out within minutes of learning of the child's existence. [2]
This particular zine seems to have a lot of episode based stories and this is another enjoyable one based on The Enterprise Incident. There are a few differences to the events shown in the episode however, because in this version of events Spock has to go a lot further to distract the Romulan commander that just touching hands. The scene where Kirk beams from the ship directly in her bedroom where she and Spock are making love is priceless and it’s only thanks to Spock’s quick thinking that Kirk gets away with it and escapes to steal the cloaking device.

The author describes very well Spock’s uneasiness at deceiving the Romulan commander – a woman whom he certainly respects if nothing else after he returns to the ship, and how this incident also acts as a catalyst in his own relationship with Kirk and how these are affected by the guilt he feels over his actions is well portrayed as is Kirk’s concern for Spock once they return to the ship and how he finds himself wondering what effect this incident will have on the Vulcan. I especially liked the fact that Kirk was concerned about Spock enough to call in a few favours to try to find out what actually did happen to this woman after she got back to the Romulan empire and is able to reassure Spock that although there were some consequences to her career she is still in command of her ship, thus easing his guilt as well.

The second part of the story takes place some time later and deals with how Kirk and Spock react when they come into contact with the Romulan commander again and what happens after they learn what has been happening to her in the interim. Although perhaps not the best story in the zine it was an enjoyable read with believable characterisation and some humourous elements as well which is always welcome when done convincingly as here.[3]
A new twist (or tryst) to The Enterprise Incident is applied in this short story. Spock’s role at seducing the Romulan Commander goes a bit further than it did on screen. But that isn’t the half of it! Kirk beams into the Commander’s bedroom while Spock is doing the deed. Yikes! I found this to be quite inventive and a little humorous.

I very much liked the fact that Spock is nothing less than dignified and honorable in spite of the position he’s been forced into. The story more than adequately explains his comments to the Commander, and I found that a welcome addition. As a dedicated K/Ser, I’ve never been able to buy into his being so quickly enamored of an enemy officer, especially with Kirk as his captain. It makes more sense here, as the lady is portrayed as strong and honorable herself. Using it as a springboard for things to get interesting between K&S was very well done.

It was a little jolting to try and imagine that her brief encounter with Spock produced a very endearing and intelligent child. The ending was perhaps a bit saccharine, but it was not unpleasant because you were left with the belief that Kirk and Spock were men you would be proud to know. [4]


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