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Title: Rogues
Author(s): Teri White
Date(s): 1991
Length: 11 pages
Genre: gen
Fandom: Blake's 7
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Rogues is a gen Blake's 7 story by Teri White.

It was originally printed in the zine Roads Not Taken.

A "sequel" by another author of this is in The Big B7 Zine.

Reactions and Reviews

I actually bought this zine for this fic (although it's online! I was such a fool in my early days!), because it's recced in various places and I used to trust other people's opinions and wasn't good at Googling and finding out whether something was online ;) Anyway - turns out, I really hate this fic. Frequent readers of this blog may not be surprised to learn the reason is - Bad Blake. Indeed, this time, he comes across almost sociopathic. That said - I really like the idea of Blake finding Avon in the Scorpio though instead of Tarrant. It feels stealable too as that's not really the point of this fic. [1]
Dark and deep and very, very slashy in feel. This is an alternate version of 'Blake' where Blake comes across Avon, rather than Tarrant, in the wreckage of Scorpio. Their mutual obsession, even deeper on Blake's side than Avon's, leads to a different conclusion, though there are still strong elements of perversity and tragedy. Jenny predictably loves it. Sally is still not sure about the portrayal of Our Heroes - nor happy about what Blake does to Vila - but can't deny the power of the way their bond is described. (And for those who can't bear to see Vila left miserable, there's a sequel "Sins of the Past" by Jennie McGrath in THE BIG B7 ZINE.) [2]
Just Gen then. Hum. Very well written, PGP and Avon suffers beautifully -of course. Blake is perfect as a nurse and they obviously intend to leave the world behind and build their whole little love shack shelter. Avon and Blake hiding their healing love friendship from prying eyes. It's very clear that no one else, nothing else (Blake sounds very blasé about the Revolution) matters. How do I know? Well, go, read... [3]
That story, (and especially that Blake) has taken a lot of undeserved flak in my opinion. [4]


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