Road Warrior Revisited

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Title: Road Warrior Revisited
Publisher: Escape Press first issue, due to a "falling out" between editors, Escape Press of New York second issue
Editor(s): Judi Raish and Linda Ojard; then just Judi Raish
Date(s): 1984, 1993
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Mad Max
Language: English
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cover of issue #2
flyer for issue #1

Road Warrior Revisited is a gen Road Warrior anthology.

Issue 1

Road Warrior Revisited 1 was published in March 1984 and contains 109 pages. It has art by J.R. Dunster, Sue K, Rebecca Walker, Rick Lucey and Linda Ojard. Stories are by Phyllis Milby, Judi Raish, and Linda Ojard. Poetry by Bree Carter, Deb Hanlon and Phyllis Milby.

From a July 1993 ad in GAZ: "....the first and best MM/RW fanzine! This first issue includes "Deals" & "Reunion" fiction by Ralsh; "Partners", fiction by Laurie Shanahan; "Lessons", fiction by Phyllis Milby. Poetry by Krinard, Carter, Hanlon, Voll, Kincaid, Jensen & Milby. Artwork by Krinard, Dunster, Walker, Lucey, Ojard, May & Jensen. Plus lots of miscellaneous. Some material R-rated. No "/"."

  • Deals by Judi Raish
  • Reunion by Judi Raish
  • Partners by Laurie Shanahan
  • Lessons by Phyllis Milby

Issue 2

Road Warrior Revisited 2 was published in 1993, is 231 pages long and is a collection of 19 stories, poems, puzzles, pictures and illustrations. A 1985 (!) submission request said it would accept "quality R-rated."

From a July 1993 ad in GAZ: "Issue #2 of ESCAPE PRESS' MM/RW fanzine will be ready soon. Sorry about the continued delay. Artwork submissions are still welcome. This second and final issue will include; more exciting fiction by JA Raish; fiction and lots of great artwork, including a beautiful montage cover by Linda Ojard; "A Day in the Life of the MFP", fiction by Michael Coburn; "Dog" and "Max: A Sonnet", peotry by Marguerite Emmons; fine artwork from Sandy Goodall, Rick Lucey, Johanna Bolton & Barb Simon; the MM radio show and other stuff from Kevin Wisniewski; more great car drawings and an update on his Interceptor data from Charles May plus photos of his costumes an scale models; essay and peotry by Sarah Macht; poetry by Cathy Bryson, Diann Markley, Joy Moreau & Bill Fisher; a filkson, "Heart like an Axle" by Leslie Fish; plus much more. Some material R-rate. No "/". Send SASE for deteails and/or to reserve a copy."

  • A Day in the Life of the MFP by Michael Coborn
  • Dog, poetry by Marguerite Emmons
  • Max: a Sonnet, poetry by Marguerite Emmons
  • art by Sandy Goodall, Rick Lucey, Johanna Bolton and Barb Simon, cover by Linda Ojard
  • the Mad Max radio show from Yankee DJ Kevin Wisniewski
  • photos of costumes and scale models
  • poetry and an essay by Sarah Mach-DeWitt
  • poetry by Cathy Bryson, Diann Markley, Joy Moreau, and Bill Fisher
  • a filk called Heart Like an Axle by Leslie Fish
  • a story by J.A. Raish