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Name: Ripper Street
Creator: Richard Warlow
Date(s): 2012-
Medium: television
Country of Origin: Britain
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Ripper Street is a show which airs on the BBC, a crime drama set in the East End of London shortly after the Jack the Ripper killings. The theme music evokes Firefly; the show feels like a mash-up of The Wire (in its exploration of police processes and procedures) and Deadwood (being a period drama with lawmen and bad guys). As of March 2013, the first season (eight episodes) has aired on the BBC and on BBC America; a second season will air in 2014.

Canon Overview

Ripper Street follows several London police officers, and one renegade American, and those with whom they interact, during the period immediately after the Jack the Ripper murders.


The show contains some cool canonical Jewish characters (notably Deborah Goren, who runs the Jewish orphanage and who enters into a brief liaison with Edmund Reid. (For more on her Jewishness, see Judaism and Fandom, the "within media sources" section.)

Also awesome female characters, including the aforementioned Deborah Goren, "Long Susan" (Susan Hart) who runs a brothel, and Rose Erskine, one of her girls. The end of season one introduced Bella Culver, another of Susan's girls; at the beginning of season two she is married to Sergeant Inspector Drake.

And, of course, awesome male characters, among them Sergeant Edmund Reid, berserker Bennet Drake, and the Pinkerton with the mysterious past, Homer Jackson. On the other side of the Ripper conflict there's also Fred Best, profoundly weasely journalist and occasional reluctant ally of H Division.


In terms of slash pairings, fans tend to slash both Reid/Jackson and Jackson/Drake (arguably an antagonist slash pairing, as the two characters are frequently at odds, often over a woman.)

The show's canonical het pairings include Edmund Reid/Emily Reid, Homer Jackson/Susan Hart, Edmund Reid/Deborah Goren, Bennet Drake/Rose Erskine, and Bennet Drake/Bella Culver (or Bennet Drake/Bella Drake).

Sample or Notable Fanworks



  • Nostalgia for the Light, by alizarin_nyc, written during Yuletide 2013. "Inspector Reid, Sergeant Drake and Captain Jackson investigate a case that leaves them more than a bit worse for wear. At least they have each other."


  • Justice (The Green Valley), vid by feochadn, premiered at Escapade 2013. (Link forthcoming.) This vid caused Killa to write, "I am so pimped. This looks like Copper, but prettier."[1]

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