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Mailing List
Name: RideForever
Date(s): September 10, 1999-present
Moderated: yes
Moderators/List Maintainers: Melanie Mitchell, kalerian and ckmalmberg
Type: fan fiction and discussion
Fandom: Due South
URL: RideForever: The due SOUTH list (original), Archived version
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RideForever is a due South mailing list.

message history for the orginal RideForever mailing list, click to read
message history for "The New RideForever" mailing list, click to read

It began on September 1999 on Onelist and then moved to yahoogroups when it merged with Onelist.

On November 18, 2002, the mailing list was renamed the "New RideForever" but remained on the yahoogroups mailing lists servers where it is still active today.

It positions itself as a gen and slash community where fans could engage in frank discussions about the show. At its height, the mailing list had over 200 members who produced over 1500 messages a month.

From the FAQ:
YES yet another due SOUTH list. I've been on those lists... you know the ones... don't say anything controversial, don't start a debate about anything, someone somewhere might be upset. Well, this ain't like that. Don't get me wrong, the idea is not to upset anyone... but if you want to debate the difference between Canadian and American culture... if you want to stick up for Icky Vicki... if you want to say Benny should have been shot at birth... this is the place to do it. Fanfic absolutely welcome, but all comments also welcome. If you aren't confident enough to have a 'well actually I thought it was pathetic' comment then don't post it. Over 18s only.

"The only 'ANYTHING GOES' due SOUTH list..."

The point of this list is simple. I've been on many a list where things have just begun to get interesting when the thread is killed.... I understand why this is done... but sometimes you just want to 'get it off your chest.'

RideForever positively encourages you to do just that.

A few examples:-

Ray Vs. Ray

Victoria = good or evil?


America is better than Canada because..

This type of thread is worshipped at RF.

Devil's advocates are absolutely welcome.

Fanfic is welcomed with open arms and will be archived as soon as I can. (Mark slash etc as slash etc etc)

Comments are welcome here of all kinds... as I always say 'The Good, the bad and the really really Ugly... if you don't like 'truthful' comments please don't post.

There is ONLY one rule... PERSONAL flames are not tolerated... If you want to abuse an individual then don't do it here... (I do NOT include characters as individuals though flame them as much or as little as you like. Please note ... that since this is the only rule I imagine swearing, 'heated' discussion and <evil grins> to be common place. If this will offend please don't join the list... If however you, like me, enjoy life on the wild side... JOIN US...(click button at bottom of page...)

If we get OT then, SO what?? we get OT... [1]

Fiction Archive

The mailing list also maintained a fan fiction archive, called Ride Forever.

Inspired Filks

It also inspired several filk songs.

Excerpt from the filk "RideForever": ("I thank our anonymous Lyricist for the words and Mr Paul Gross and Mr David Keeley for the Tune," see the whole thing at RideForever! The Ultimate due SOUTH List., Archived version):

Well they tell me I'm an asshole,
They tell me I am blind.
They took my posting license,
This website aint far behind.
I say jump back all you List Moms,
You've got something wrong,
Cuz I aint gone.
No I aint gone.
I am still flaming,
And I still can be snide.
I have my prejudice,
My spite it never dies.
I'm the wind that blows in thunder,
Like to make the newbies cry,
I've said it all,
And I'm standing tall,
Underneath these stormy Onelist skies.
I'm gonna ride forever!
Can't keep flamers in a cage.
Til the List Moms come,
Well it's only then,
I might pull in the rage.

Excerpt to another filk, "lyrics By 'THE Moderators' Melody" - to a tune by Sarah McLauchlan. See the whole thing at RideForever! The Ultimate due SOUTH List., Archived version:

Into this night I wander,
it's emails that I dread,
Another day of knowing of the lies I want to spread...
Into the world of our own list,
We wallow without pride.
Cos nothing stands between us here - at last I can be snide...
For I would be the one to put you down,
Flame you so hard
I'll take your pride away.
And after you wipe away the tears
Just flip me oooooofffffff and sneer....


  1. ^ RideForever! The Ultimate due SOUTH List. (old website advertising the mailing list), Archived version