Richie Forever

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Title: Richie Forever
Publisher: Carol Ann Liddard
Editor(s): Sheila Lane
Date(s): 1995-1998
Medium: print
Fandom: Highlander & multimedia
Language: English
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Richie Forever is a Highlander and multifandom anthology containing gen and het stories featuring Richie Ryan.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Richie Forever 1 was published in 1995 and has 138 pages and contains crossovers with Star Trek: TNG, Deep Space 9 and Star Trek: Voyager. It was edited by Sheila Lane and Shannon Lane.

  • Young Immortals, by Laura Michaels. Crossovers are always fun. Here's one that's a bit, well, different...
  • Surrender, by Sheila Marie Lane. Richie meets his match in a mortal woman--and so do a few other Immortals...
  • The Lion and the Lamb, by Andrew Duty. We all know that where Kenny is concerned, nothing is as it seems. But when Richie encounters the child-Immortal again, he has a hard time convincing everyone else of that...
  • Last Chance, by Noah Johnson. What if "Finale II" had ended just a little differently?
  • Second Chances, by Chris Ely. A face from the past--in a way you would never have expected...
  • Prophecy's Child, by Marina Bailey. The sequel to "Prophecy Fulfilled." The end of the Game... and a very special child...
  • Finding Oneself, Archived version, by Kevin H. Robnett. Another wonderful crossover, this one with the Star Trek universe, takes us places we've never been before...
  • poetry and a few extras.

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Richie Forever 2 was published in 1996 and contains 96 pages.

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

Richie Forever 3 was published in 1997 and contains 108 pages.