Reylo Meta Week

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Name: Reylo Meta Week
Date(s): January 21-27 2019
Type: meta
Fandom: Star Wars
Associated Community: reylo-meta-week
URL: Tumblr
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Reylo Meta Week is a fanweek focusing on writing meta about the relationship between Rey and Kylo Ren from Star Wars.


This event is aimed specifically at new and emerging meta writers, those who have written 0-3 metas and are looking for an audience for their ideas. During Reylo Meta Week, people will be encouraged to write and share their metas, to signal boost new metas, and to engage respectfully with the meta writers.

We are especially interested in encouraging writers with viewpoints that aren’t often explored in Reylo metas, and we hope to make this a supportive environment for new ideas and underrepresented voices.

But what is a meta? A meta is simply a piece of work that attempts to say something about the thing in question - in this case Star Wars generally and the Reylo ship specifically. A meta could be a couple of sentences about why Kylo’s outfits change from one movie to the next, or several pages digging deeply into the significance of narrative choices on the part of the filmmakers. A meta can examine parallels between Reylo and another ship, or between one part of the film and another.