Reylo: We Ship It Too

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Title: Reylo: We Ship It Too
Editor(s): Guibass & Kimeneechan
Date(s): February 14, 2018
Medium: online
Size: 131 pages
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
External Links: Tumblr, Download link to Issue 1
Reylo - We Ship It Too.png
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Reylo: We Ship It Too is a Reylo zine in the Star Wars fandom.


R:WSIT is a bi-monthly fan magazine that celebrates works done by fans of the Star Wars franchise. Our first issue celebrates the themes of love and connection, and we are happy to announce an official release date for this zine after months in the making.

Reylo: We Ship It Too will be a free, online zine. Please contact us to be involved in future issues, or if you would like to request an accessible version of the magazine (EPUB with accessibility description, text-to-speech options, etc.).


I am honoured to present the first ever Reylo: We Ship It Too fan magazine. The idea originally started between Kimi and I almost two months ago, near Christmas Eve on a discord channel. We rode out our selfmade hype-train until we had a banner, a tumblr, and an e-mail set up. We looked at each other then, as well as one can over the internet, and went ‘Oh my god, we’re actually doing this’. It took countless hours, correspondences, ‘cold calls’, and technical mishaps to get the magazine here, but we’re unbelievably proud of what we’ve managed to put together with the rest of the Reylo community. This would not have been possible without the Star Wars community and the dozens of volunteers

that lent their expertise in design, editing, legal, and social networking. A full list of all credits can be found at the end of this magazine. I have met many amazing and talented peple through R:WSIT and the SS Reylo, but I am most thankful to the ‘verse hooking me up with my twin, Kimi. May we have many more issues and editions to celebrate!

From the warmest of hearts,

guibass / nowreen

There was one day when I was reading a meta on tumblr, and when I finished I immediately thought: “What if... we had a place to share all these marvellous works? A collection of metas, fanfictions, art, and any other fandom content?” Then I shared this epiphany on a discord chat... I discovered I wasn’t alone... then some lovely folks were all, “GO, GO, WE NEED THAT,” and the dearest guibass volunteered herself to help me. Some work here and there, a bunch of nerdy Reylos gathered, and the zine was born. I’m very proud to present to you our first issue of Reylo: We Ship It Too. I hope you enjoy the content at least as much as I am enjoying making this project come true. For me, it’s a wonderful experience, and I’m proud and grateful for everyone involved, including those who shared our idea. I’ve made some wonderful friends through this first journey, and I hope we can share more content and love for our ship over the course of time waiting for Episode IX. But I can’t do that alone. I need, and your friends, and everyone else to help us go that far! Keep sending your works and keep sharing!


Issue 1

  • 001 ‘Find Hope All Ye Who Enter Here’ By Menin
  • 005 ‘Kylo Meet & Green’ By Alania
  • 009 ‘Blue Jeans’ By Missfable
  • 016 ‘Reylo Is Love & It’S The Reason Is Happened’ By Roselinath
  • 017 ‘The Salvation Of The Galaxy: Through A Truer Love’ By Straightouttajakku12
  • 023 Music Analysis By Sili
  • 028 Reylo Playlist By Sili
  • 032 ‘Love: Ruin And Hope’ By Lymra
  • 035 Featured Artist: Nihterne, Interviewed By Theauraki + Art Gallery
  • 049 ‘Love In Star Wars: From Dark To Light’ By Ncm94
  • 055 Fanfiction: ‘Heart’S Day’ By Cartoonjessie
  • 062 Fanfiction: ‘Signature’ By Jmcc85
  • 066 Fanfiction: ‘Grasp Eternity’ By Saintheretical + Torinette Art
  • 073 Fanfiction: ‘Look For The Light’ By Kristinamarie
  • 081 Fanfiction: ‘Roseless Room’ By Naatta
  • 087 Comic: ‘Flowers’ By Roselinath
  • 093 ‘Flying Solo’ Sithstarseedrey Interview By Guibass
  • 097 Meme Corner
  • 107 Valintine’S Madlib By Syperius And Kyloxreytfa
  • 109 Fanfiction Recommendations 1-3
  • 111 Fanfiction Recommendations 4-5
  • 113 Fanfiction Recommendation 6
  • 114 Upcoming Book Releases
  • 115 Art Credits
  • 125 Credits

Issue 2


  • 007 “The Significance of Redemption” by StraightOuttaJakku12
  • 009 DarthKupo (Art)
  • 010 “How a Sequel Skeptic Found Peace, Love, and Joy With Reylo” by LazyPadawan
  • 014 Dinagastuff (Art)
  • 015 ‘Phoenix by Olivia Holt’ by Amare-Sili


  • 030 “Star Wars: The Last Jedi by Jason Fry” by ReyOfDarkness
  • 032 MannyBallu (Art)
  • 033 “Star Wars: The Force Awakens Audiobook” by Kimineechan
  • 045 Natisway (Art)


  • 047 “At The End Of All Battles” By CartoonJessis
  • 054 “Cupid Painted Blind” by ReyloTonight
  • 084 “Orchard of Mines “by AssortedFruistSnacks212


  • 091 “Ben: A Redemption” by MrsViolet
  • 085 “Convergence” by TheProfessor
  • 097 Chandrilasky (Art)


  • 099 “Ben’s Internal Screaming” by Amare-Sili
  • 101 “Cool Guys Don’t Look At Explosions: Finn Escapes with Poe” by guibass
  • 102 TsukHood (Art)
  • 103 Tsukhood (Art)
  • 104 “Spring into Reylo” by Amare-Sili
  • 106 Vanta-Gold (Art)