Reunion in Hollywood

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Fan Film
Title: Reunion in Hollywood
Date: 1985
Medium: ?
Genre: non-fiction, interviews
Fandom: Dark Shadows

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Reunion in Hollywood is a fan film that was shown at "the Eastern Dark Shadows Festival 1985."

It is a a series of video interviews, specially produced for "Dark Shadows Festival", with John Karlen, Lara Parker, Jerry Lacy and Kathryn Leigh Scott. It was produced and directed by Maria Barbosa. Interviews were conducted by Marcy Robin. Music Supervisor was Janet Meehan. Camera Persons were Jo Ann Christy, Maria Barbosa. Production Assistant was Debbie Kreuter. "Con Stooge" was Melody C.

Reactions and Reviews were given this special opportunity.y to watch these DS stars "in action," stars so far inaccessible to East Coast fans. This alone would have made the interview tape intriguing, but the polished production values and the easy, interesting conversation drawn from the stars by interviewer Marcy Robin, made this production one of the most successful features of DSF's already creative, innovative video programming. [1]


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