Return (Mary Renault story)

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Title: Return
Author(s): lorie945
Date(s): 03 July 2004
Length: 938 words
Genre: Crossover
Fandom: Mary Renault
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Return[1] is a ficlet which draws inspiration from two of Renault’s novels: The Charioteer and The Persian Boy. It also contains elements of an AU as the author departs from canon in having Laurie staying in his old bedroom at home the night before his mother’s wedding. Laurie sleeps and dreams he is Bagoas being made love to by Alexander the Great and/or Ralph Lanyon.

Comments received on the drabble include:

  • Holy crap this is good! Um, maybe more coherence later when I'm not wibbling..[2]rubynye
  • Yay! Long live time traveling reincarnated lovers!!!! [3]baranduin


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