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Title: Retro Fanfic Retrospective
Created by:
Date(s): Aug 24, 2018 - present
Focus: Reviewing pre-2006ish fanfiction
Fandom: Multifandom; lots of animanga fandoms, western cartoons, some Harry Potter, Star Trek, and Star Wars, others
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RetroFanfic at Twitter

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Retro Fanfic Retrospective is a podcast by three friends who review retro fanfiction in a variety of fandoms. In this case, retro is described as dating to no later than the mid 00s. The podcast regularly features guests; some are from other podcasts, some are family or friends.

The podcast's website describes it as:

"Friends read old fanfiction that they think might be good. Sometimes they are right. Sometimes they are not."[1]

Not every fic is well-received, but as stated above, the hosts look for fanfiction that looks like it might be worth-reading, sometimes by looking through rec lists, award winners, or sorting through comment count on The hosts sometimes use Fanlore itself as a resource.

Episode Lists