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Journal Community
Name: Remixapod
Date(s): 2019, 2020
Moderator: frecklebombfic, Jetainia
Founder: frecklebombfic, girlmarauders
Type: podfic, fic, remix
Fandom: multi-fandom

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According to the dreamwidth page Remixapod is "a multifandom remix challenge where creators make multiformat fanworks that are remixes of, or inspired by, audio fanworks podfic. The challenge is a twist on reverse big bangs and remix challenges."

Participants sign up as a podficcer or a remixer. Podficcers submit a number of their already existing works, which are matched to creators based on fandom preferences. Remixers create a remix inspired by the podfic.

As this is a podfic-specific remix challenge, the base works are all audio fanworks. The remixes, however, can take a variety of forms. The first remixapod challenge focused on text-based remixes of audio fanworks. Starting with its second year the challenge has been a multiformat challenge where creators are encouraged to play with the concept of remixing works into whatever media or format appeals to them.

There is a WIDE range of possibilities for fanworks and remixes created as part of this challenge. The "Multiformat Remix Roundups" has links to examples to give a sense of the broad scope of fanworks and remixes created for past iterations of this challenge!


  • Podficcer signups generally take place in early March, with remixer signups beginning 2-3 weeks later
  • Matching generally happens mid-April
  • Deadline for creations is usually in early June and there are various check-ins along the way where participants can report on progress, including any challenges and/or areas of support desired

Multiformat Remix Roundups

  • Crafts and other physical art remixes

Remixapod 2020 Crafting Roundup

  • Fanart and other digital media remixes

Remixapod 2020 Visual Art Roundup

  • Fanfic, not!fic and other text remixes

Remixapod 2020 Text Roundup Remixapod 2019 Main Collection Remixapod 2019 Treats Collection

  • Filk and other audio art remixes

Remixapod 2020 Audio Art Roundup

  • Podfic and other audio storytelling remixes

Remixapod 2020 Audio Stories Roundup

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