Relationships (Scarecrow and Mrs. King/Remington Steele zine)

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Title: Relationships
Publisher: Mush-a-Mist Press
Author(s): Brenda Wagner, Sue Hammond and Barbara Wagner
Cover Artist(s): Joy Riddle
Date(s): 1992
Medium: print, fanzine
Fandom: The Scarecrow and Mrs. King/Remington Steele
Language: English
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Relationships is a 116-page het crossover novel by Brenda Wagner, Sue Hammond and Barbara Wagner.

Related Fiction

It is a sequel to Friend or Foe.

The story "Resolutions" in Need to Know is related to this story.

From the Editor's Notes

In the Editor's notes, Brenda Wagner says:

"Not ANOTHER Cousin Universe.... ..That's right, another cousin universe. Relationships actually began when my sister Barb, my cousin Sue and I shared an apartment in Rochester, New York. The two best romances on TV had left the air and left us wanting more. Jill Bailey had written this story called Reunion. Her universe is detailed in Relativity. In Jill's universe, Lee Stetson (Scarecrow & Mrs. King) and Murphy Michaels (Remington Steele) are cousins. Haven't you ever noticed the resemblance? Annita Smith had written Steele in Oz, in which she postulated that Laura Holt's mother, Abigail, and Amanda King's mother, Dotty, were twin sisters. Barb, Sue and I thought putting these two concepts together would be fun. Then one day we received a copy of a script from the final Remington Steele episodes. At the time Pierce Brosnan's wife Cassandra Harris was slated to reprise her role as Felicia. When the script listed her last name as Desmond, we knew we HAD to make the connection between her character and Francine Desmond from Scarecrow. Have I lost you yet?....

The editor goes on to say they stayed true to the Remington Steele series as aired, and were as consistent as possible with Scarecrow and Mrs. King, as that series had many inconsistencies. She then notes "Although Relationships can stand alone, it's actually a sequel to a primarily Scarecrow story to be published in the Spring of 1993."


From Agent With Style: "Amanda King and Laura Holt are cousins in this universe. Lee Stetson has been held by terrorists for some time and Amanda goes deep undercover to rescue him -- without the Agency's knowledge or consent. After Lee is safe, they take a trip to Acapulco with Phillip and Jamie for a much needed respite from the Agency and to re-connect as husband and wife -- well, as much as they can while still pretending that they aren't married! Naturally, trouble finds them and their vacation takes several unexpected turns."

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