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Name: rec.arts.anime.creative
Date(s): 1993 to present
Moderator: none
Type: newsgroup
Fandom: anime, manga
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The rec.arts.anime.creative, or RAAC, is an English-language newsgroup for the posting of anime and manga-related fanworks, mostly fanfic. Created in 1993 as "rec.arts.anime.stories," in 1996 the name was changed to rec.arts.anime.creative to better reflect the content being published. RAAC was intended strictly for fanwork posts; discussion about the works as well as general fan conversation was directed to rec.arts.anime.fandom. Posts were moderated for content (mostly to verify the posts constituted a fanwork rather than a discussion), and feedback was generally given through personal email.

In its heyday from 1996-2001, RAAC averaged 150-250 posts a month, and was one of the primary fanfic communities for the contemporary popular online anime fandoms, especially Ranma 1/2, as well Tenchi Muyo, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Dragonball Z, among others, including original fiction inspired by anime. The fanfic was regularly archived at Longer fanfics were posted in parts, often as WiPs over months or years.

By 2002, the frequency of posts dropped as online fandom moved onto forums and blogs, and by 2006 the group rarely saw more than couple fanworks posts a month.

As was the case with most newsgroups, the majority of posters on RAAC were male, and most of the fanfic was either mostly gen with nominal shipping, or het ships and lemons. In the beginning, yaoi fic was only posted on occasion, and usually with strong warnings.[1][2]; by 2000 there were more female fans on RAAC, and more yaoi fanfic as well, both for BL series such as Bronze and the more popular general anime.

Many of the posters on RAAC used their real names, rather than online psuedonyms.



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  2. ^ "Well, this fic's YAOI, meaning Boy and Bouy(sic) love, so PLS don't read it if you don't feel easy with it. I warned ya, so don't flame me." --Maria Jose in RAAC: (FanFic)(Yaoi/Lime) Loving in Vain, posted Mar 26 2000 (accessed 1/2009)