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Journal Community
Name: Re(c)-hymenated
Date(s): 9 October 2009 - 2013 (last entry)
Moderator: nanoochka, nightrider101, electricskeptic
Founder: devilyouwere
Type: recs community
Fandom: Supernatural

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Re(c)-hymenated was a Supernatural rec community on livejournal that focused on the pairing Dean/Castiel. The community was formed on October 8, 2009[1] with the first rec post made November 2, 2009[2].

The name of the community is from a line in the Supernatural episode Monster Movie where Dean says to Sam, "I have been rehymenated"[3], referring to how his body had been remade by Castiel after his death at the end of Season 3.

The community was originally created by devilyouwere, with a rec team consisting of blue_business, country_bee, devilyouwere, godofstrife, here4castiel, hils, ibroketuesday, kirvash, swing_set13 and xterm[4]. Since then there has been a rotation of mods, owners and reccers.

The community had daily themes for their rec posts.

  • Monday: Gen/Friendship
  • Tuesday: Rating G to R
  • Wednesday: Rating NC-17
  • Thursday: Golden Oldies (Older fics)
  • Friday: Art/Multimedia
  • Saturday: Speciality Recs (Different tropes each week, eg. AUs, wing!fic, etc.)
  • Sunday: Free-For-All (Open to recs from everyone)

The community also featured interviews with various Dean/Castiel fanwork creators, where they talk about themselves, their thoughts about Dean and Castiel, and their creative process[5].