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Name: Rebel With A Cause
Owner/Maintainer: Amelia M
Dates: September 22, 2002 - August 27, 2003[1]
Type: fansite & archive
Fandom: X-Men: Evolution
URL: Rebel With a Cause (wayback)
2nd layout for the site
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Rebel With A Cause was a fansite and archive dedicated to the pairing of Avalanche/Shadowcat in X-Men: Evolution.

It was affiliated with Extreme Evolution and listed at evObsessed.

The fansite was named Rebel With a Cause because "Lance has such an endearing rebellious quality to him. (You know, wrecking the school, causing earthquakes, etc) And despite being the bad-boy of Bayville, he softens whenever he's with Kitty. And if you stretch it somewhat, he does the things he does for Kitty. (Take Joyride for example. Would he join the X-men for... say, Logan? Right. Point made.)"[2]


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  1. ^ Last known update - The site was static until sometime between 2008/2009 when angelcities deleted it.
  2. ^ About the Site on Wayback